Weird Nicknames


Every time I see your username, I think about Haruka from the anime Free! Iwatobi Swim Club xd


Not Sailor Uranus? :wink:


Sailor Moon ftw!

Yeah, that too… but mostly the dude from the Free! anime :joy:


If anyone calls me “Xylie,” they will disappear from Earth.


Oh man, really?! That’s so dope :funnyclap:


Was a loooooong time ago but someone from school called me fruit loops because of the colourful bracelet I wore a lot


Some people call me noodle because in gymnastics I act like a noodle cause I am very bendy :joy:


You’re. A. Gymnast?


I was a gymnast… but then that all changed when the fire nation attacked and when the world needed him most-


I was a gymnast tooooo



I was kind of on a stunt team and it was meh. I loved the people I just had a bunch of mental blocks I had a really hard time getting Over


Mental blocks are impossible :woman_facepalming:t3:


ikr, ugh they are the worst.


Never nailed my back walkover because of them :joy:


never got my back-handspring cause of them :joy::sleepy:


Well when I’m at school:
Bully, but friend:“Hey Lesbian”, Me: “Oh hey thot, didn’t see ya there.”
Friend: “Hey Oliver!”, Me: “Oh god. It’s spongebob.

Miguel: “Aye, weirdo.” Me: “They call you Baby Face. Yeah I can see that happening. But weirdo? You were just twerking a day ago.”


ayyy goalsss :joy:


Should I remind you how Sushi became your nickname? :smirk:


Ooooo ok so I gave myself this nickname and it’s kinda funny. It’s errmmzz, because my name is Emma but err- reminds me of someone on the forums and I added the z instead of the s :joy:


I totally forgot the story. :joy: How did I get named sushi? :thinking:

And oh…