Weird Nicknames

Sushi: came from the word Saasha somehow by turning the "a"s into other vowels
That’s how I came up with Sushi :woman_shrugging:


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You are so weird I swear. :laughing: That’s still my favorite name out of all! :kissing_heart:

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I prefer my full name, which most people call me. Some of my close friends call me Ria, or Mari. The weirdest nickname I’ve ever had was Flower. I don’t know why they called me that :rofl:

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Well I don’t get weird nicknames simply because I’m the one who gives them! :sunglasses:

My baby cat gets the worse ones and I cannot even spell them all!

-Kitty boo
-Shitty poo
-Kitty Minaj

His names is Neo by the way :sweat_smile:

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Same here I give them allll

  • Annabanana

  • Frenchy

  • Frenchfry

  • Annie

  • Banana

  • Annabananshacanalamnapanara
    I don’t even know that one.

  • Sammy

  • SammyJcat

  • Larbear

  • Samarea

  • Zapps

  • Zappysnappy

  • ZippyZappe

  • Mitiy

  • Mitchie

  • Mit

  • Boo

  • Lady Labigal Lighting

  • Best Best

  • ToriCoreypnorylomary

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My friends call me Izzypedia cause my nickname is Izzy and you know, wikipedia. They named me this cause I have an abundance of random facts and knowledge for some reason.


my family calls me tiramisu : (
(my name is terrah)

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Lol my friends gave me the nick name giggles because at the time I constantly got in trouble for laughing all the time (10th grade) :joy::joy::joy: It’s been three years since


My mother was a fan of Jeremy Brett and calls me “Jeremy”
I don’t think it’s weird.

My dad calls me Princess Diana cause I was born with blue eyes a few days after she passed away … But I’ve grown into a typical Mediterranean girl and my eyes turned into hazel a few months later… :sweat_smile:


Everyone calls me Crash. It’s sort of become my default name :grin:

People call me Cheese cause my other nickname is Bri pronounced like the cheese so now I’m Cheese

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