Weird overlay bug


Hello guys! I have a problem :

I added overlays in my story. Instead of the story being smooth, it’s lagging :confused: :
First, we see the background with nothing on it for 2 seconds

After that, the overlays appear, also my character starts idle (I don’t know why but I want him to use the action "sleep_sitting but it doesn’t work) for 1 seconds

Finally, my character starts sleep_sitting

It bothers me a lot and I don’t find the error :frowning:

Thanks !!! :heart:


Try using the “&” command


It’s working!!! Thank you so much :heart:


Thanks again!! I read the article! Maybe I didn’t understand this part but I’ll check it out again :slight_smile:


@Ryan or @Jeremy can you close it ? :slight_smile:



Topic closed by OP request.