Weird pajamas or weird style statement?


edit: i recreated the same outfit, but in teal. which one do you think is… better?


I like it. Literally what I wear for bed as pyjamas: jogging bottoms and a top. Wearing some right now :joy:


so… pajamas?




Well, kind of. I wear it as pyjamas, but I would also wear it outside of my house too. Although, it wouldn’t exactly be my first outfit choice :joy:


(EDIT: Now that I think about it, it looks like a pretty cool outfit for going about the town)


It looks cool. Pajamas or going out. May need a jacket if going out though lol. :wink:


Looks a lot more like pyjamas, but it also could be an outfit just for hanging out around the house. Almost like “lazy-wear.”


would this be a more socially acceptable going-out idea?


I think so, yes.


Yes. :slight_smile:


Without the choker, pajamas


ah, so it’s like, lazy-comfortable with some jewelry XD


ugh is it just me or do you spend way too much time prepping a story rather than actually writing it too


Same. I get so excited for the story when I plan it and then when it comes to writing it I end up either giving up or getting bored, or both.


A tank and sweats is what people wear “causally” / most of the time where I live , I don’t think it’s weird. I would wear that out the house and as pajama lmao


i imagined them more as palazzo pants, haha :]