Weird Spotting (GLITCH?)

Hi, when I spot my characters/overlays (in this case characters on spotlight and cinematic)on the app or on the web previewer, it is rightly spotted but when I save and then preview it again, the SCALE is wrong but the X and Y is correct. Here is an example of what I mean:

I don’t really know what to do but I think it a glitch. Please fix it and help. Thank you.

Moving this to Directing Help & Tips to see if there’s any help to found there!

Where is the Directing Help and Tips place @Ryan

&cut to zone 3
&INVISIBLE spot 1.815 155 -210 in zone 3 and INVISIBLE faces right and INVISIBLE is sleep_lay_uncomfortable_loop
&overlay ABBIE PAINTING shifts to 65 230 in zone 3
@overlay ABBIE PAINTING scales to 1.064 1.064

It’s here! I’ve already moved the thread :slight_smile:

I want it to look like this (web previewer):

From the looks of it, that background is from the Choices app story “The Freshman” and by reading your script it looks like you are copying that story word for word. This is against guidelines and it is copyright infringement, and I deeply advise you to not continue on with that story.


Ok. I am sorry.

But could you at least help me with the overlay.

I don’t think anyone will help you now since you are copying someone else’s story. Sorry but this is not fair.


No, I said in my story at the start that this is based on the Freshman Series book on choices.

No, what I meant was this a choices story but I wanted to see how it is on episode, with the characters and I even gave them credit and that people should check it out as well. So yeah.

Giving Choices “credit” doesn’t make this OK. Just from the screenshot you shared, you’ve used the same characters and even the dialogue sounds almost word for word from what I remember.


It is illegal to copy a story without the owner’s permission even if you give them credit. This is called copyright infringement.


Ohh, I will stop the story then. Sorry :cry:

Closing due to inactivity :slight_smile: