Weird unexplainable glitches in spotlight

So I don’t think I’ve made any errors in the coding, I’ve followed exactly what the guide said to do. I set the format to spotlight for this one part of my cinematic story, so as to have it look like the characters are talking “offstage”. Anyway, so I try to preview from the point after I changed the format and the whole thing freaks out, one character is off screen to the left, the mother character stays on screen no matter what, and another character is really tiny down at the bottom. This doesn’t happen when I start from the beginning to preview, but that’s frustrating to do every time.
Also, in this same scene, I wanted to zoom in on a spot, so I copy the thing from the zoom help box and put it in, setting it to 50%. This made the whole screen zoom out so the background was in the center of the screen and small, surrounded by empty black space. So I figure, positive number meant zoom out, so I set it to -50% and start the preview from the beginning of the scene before the zoom (zoom is at the end). So, it starts, still way zoomed out, then it flips upside down, and when I get to the zoom, it zooms out even more. The screen ended up having an upside down tiny background image way in the corner. I don’t know how that happened, or if I can make it happen again, but right now it’s okay.
I still have a problem though!! No matter what I do, If I start partway through the story, the mom shows up in spotlight format and won’t leave, just stands there looking disapprovingly at me. I want to ask if any of this happened to anyone else and if they know why it happened? Thanks,

I think the code for the mom to go away is
@Remove mom
@mc exits right

Thanks, I might try that! It seems it only happens if I start the preview from the part that is set in spotlight format, so I’m hoping that it wouldn’t cause any problem in the finished product.

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