Weird Youtube Pic I saw 😂

So I was watching youtube earlier and then I saw some weird pics on a video so I was like hmmm… Why don´t I screenshot these frogs and shared them with others??? So I hope you enjoy these weird pics… ALSO, you post some weird pics too… JUST WEIRD PIC ALL DAY :woozy_face:

PIC #1-----

So the reason I posted these is because why does this dog look so much like froggin Stuart Little :laughing: :mouse2:

PIC #2-----

So I was watching Tik Tokeri Vids and they had a fake cat on the bed and the person sittin on the bed kicked the fake glass cat and the head flew off :sob: Before he kicked it I thought the cat was real…

PIC #3-----

Again While watching Tik Tokeri vids, I saw this lady who had an emulator for what to draw and the emulator told her to draw ¨George Washington Being Sexy Af¨ And that was her final piece :pleading_face: :frowning_face:

PIC #4-----

Lol he was jumping off of the diving board and broke it :sob: :sob: (That was a HUGE Mood)


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