Weird zooming glitch

There has been a glitch with my story for almost a year now. No matter how I try to fix the coding, it always has this problem.

This is what the zooming looks like when i first play the story:

But when I rewind the story it goes back to how it’s supposed to look:

It might not be a zooming issue, but instead an animations issue.

I can’t help but seee you have a stand_up action, can I see the code with that? Sometimes when I use different spot directing mixed with ‘&’ symbols, the animations don’t quite finish and put the character in the right place on time. Like for example I’ll have ‘@character spot whatever AND CHARACTER is stand_up /@CHARACTER is animation’ and to fix it i’ll just put a small pause between the actions

Maybe try putting a pause between line 2992 (@pause for 1.5) and 2993, since right now you have Max falling, some simultaneous animation, and then Max standing up immediately? My only thought is maybe all that other animation doesn’t take up enough time for Max to finish the fall animation so it’s messing up the spot directing?