Weirdest Commission

What is the weirdest commission/freelance work you ever got as a digital artist?

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let me think, I dont really think I got any weird once. just really boring where you wonder why would that even be an art scene at all to info dump that’s why


i don’t really get any super weird ones, but i do often wonder, how on earth do they want a nice art piece but pick the ugliest clothes? i know that the clothes they wear may be crucial to the story, but sometimes clothes just don’t translate well into artwork. or when the colours of the clothes don’t translate into art well as they contrast really sharply. or when i’m told somebody wants a certain background and it is LITERALLY 2 pixels, like, please find a high definition piece :joy:


As an artist the weirdest commission one could get is from a furry nsfw community. and even that its considered normal xD. I think having weird clients are more often.


I haven’t really done enough commissioning to get a really “weird” one yet :thinking: and honestly I try not to think much about what people want because they have their own reasoning :woman_shrugging:t3: but probably the strangest thing to happen was someone paying the deposit, me completing the piece, and then them ghosting me when I wanted the rest of the payment in exchange for their drawing. They already paid for half of it…they just wasted that money…I still don’t understand lol


LITERALLY !! they choose the UGLIEST CLOTHES but they want it to look fancy :face_with_monocle:


I’ve been requested to do a furry commission, only one I’ve ever turned down, I accept everyone but I didn’t want that on my dang laptop history :sweat_smile:


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I once got a request for me to draw a nsfw sculpture. A literal sculpture it was super weird and I didn’t end up taking it lol as they never replied to me :joy: but that has to be my weirdest one

For the rest I agree with everyone else aha when you get one wanting a super high quality fancy commissions with the weirdest hairstyles and clothes :joy::see_no_evil:


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