Welcome my bestie tilly to forum


Y’all welcome my bestie @TillyStage0 to forum lol this is her welcome thread


I’m so lost :joy:


It’s not rocket :rocket: science :microscope: gurl


Welcome to the forums the most craziest place I’ve ever been to…next to my bakery of course.


Yes queen we need to get a welcome cake up in here




Wellllllll you are one of my fav customers so I’ll bring a cake here. What kind and any human ingredients?


Ooohhh surprise me Queen you are the best


@TillyStage0 likes chocolate


I love chocolate, Im eating a bar right nowwwwww, thank you for the welcome guys


This is your new family now @TillyStage0


Ahahaha and here i thought you were my mother @Whoacoco


I am your mother. You are my first forum child lmao


@Whoacoco Omg :joy::joy::joy:


So guys do y’all write episode stories?


@Adam.Epy is my fiancé :heart_eyes:


Some do some just go on here to socialize


WELCOME TillyStage0 to the forums, where the Wacky Episodian Family lives, there are many things ahead of you…enjoy your time here!!!


She’s gotta figure out how all of this works first lmao she doesn’t know what to do


Thank you!

Here is a wonderful welcome cake made by yours truly. Also when you cut inside it the heart of a happy mother is in it. Which will make you have the occasional bubbly feeling. So enjoy! Also @TillyStage0 please stop by my bakery anytime for any kind of treat.

Chocolate Mama’s Bakery 😏