Welcome to Arty's! Commissioned art for all your needs ( NEW EXAMPLES)

Welcome everyone to Arty’s!
If you want to commission art, this is the right place for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’ve currently 3 open slots, contact me right away to commission before I close!

How does it work?

You may wonder “how does it work?”
Well here’s the progress of one of my commissions :grin:

  1. Sketch!

I always start from traditional art so pencil, rubber and paper

After the approval, the commissioner has to pay through PayPal

  1. Digital sketch!

From my block to my phone

  1. Flat colours!

This is just to give you the idea of the colour palette, to see if everything is in armony

  1. Background

Sometimes it’s necessary to put the background even in this state to see from where the light comes.

  1. Shade and light

To conclude I shade everything and insert the character directly into the ambience of the background

  1. Delivery

After the art is complete, I send everything in HD quality to the commissioner via mail


About the pricing list:

:bangbang: I’d like to inform you that just for the first 2 commissions I’ll keep a special pricing list!
Don’t miss this opportunity!

For the first 2 commissions, these will be the prices:

1 bust up 6€
2 bust up 10€

1 waist up 8€
2 waist up 13€

1 knees up 10€
2 knees up 17€

1 full body 14€
2 full body 25€

Every added character will be 25% off of the first one :hugs:

Tattoos 1-5€
Props 2-7€

The price may depend on the complexity of the art, as soon as you’ll commission I’ll tell you the exact price!

The payment will be upfront (due to past experiences I won’t accept the payment after the art is finished) and only via PayPal

  • Side note:
    I’ll upload the other price’s list in the case there will be more than 2 commissions

In order to make everything crystal clear I’ve some rules:

  1. Please contact me through DMs or through my Instagram handle (lady_cannella_episode)

  2. Give me all the details you can, even with pose, outfit references. The more details you give me, the more the art will come closer to what you had in mind

  3. Remember that I’ve always the right to decline a commission if it makes me uncomfortable

  4. The commission will be ready in a week or so, depending on the complexity of the art

  5. There will be 3 main reviews, so that you’ll be sure that the art is exactly what you wanted!

:bangbang: I won’t draw :bangbang:

  • overly pornographic contents
  • gore (ok a bit of blood, but not the whole scene)
  • furs and animals (I’m not comfortable with those)

Since I’ve improved my art skills, the examples I’m providing you are from the oldest to the most recent one, so you can see (maybe) the difference.


art scenes

Actually, this is a fanart but I put it here just to give you an idea of the poses.

pfp or Ocs

Pfp’s offer!

One person pfp will be just 4€


Feel free to share and comment this topic, I’d like to hear your opinion :hugs:

Yesss bump

This girl is so talented yall


Grazie carissima :blue_heart:

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Bump! Can I pm you a request?

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Sure thing dear! Just let me know what you need and provide me references :wink:

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Nobody’s interested :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Don’t say that! Your art is amazing I’m sure someone else will request as well!

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Thank you :hugs:

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I would definitely love to have you do one of my art scenes.


Really? I’d be honoured :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
If you’re interested you can DM me all the details :wink:

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if i had the money, id commission you because your art is so pretty :))


Thank you, this warms my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’m interested. I don’t have cash on me right now🥺

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I’m super happy that you’re interested but I need you to pay beforehand :sweat_smile:


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New examples!!!
Take a look :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I’m intrested! Could you message me on instagram @londonsstories to discuss details?

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