Welcome to CHAT-SPACE!


Welcome to OUR chat space! Ask or chat about anything!! :grin::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’ll start! Are any of you authors? How many stories did you write? What is your story about? I am. I’m still just working on my first one. It’s about a rich, unapologetic, selfish, savage girl named Mia Montgomery. It’s supposed to be a comedy. It’s inspired by Dirty Sexy Teenagers


Hey! Im an author/director on Episode but some things I’m fine forgetting… Will you be able to answer my questions?


Oh I’m sorry I’m probably not the best person to ask… this thread isn’t really for that stuff… but I highly recommend @Dara.Amarie or @RudeInception or @Apes or @Purple_Ghost for some help! :wink:


Yeah! I met them too on other threads. So we can chat about our stories on this?


Of course! You can talk about literally anything you want here!


That sounds awesome! :blush:


Hi, I’m a writer too, now I work on my second story


Cool! What’s it about? :grinning:


I’m making a new story called “Future’s Curse”!! It’s about who’s everyone thinks the future’s gonna be great, but unknown lifeforms threaten Alpha Z! A galactic base in a different Milky Way! It’s up to MC to save it! (With romance, action, comedy)


It’s not yet published. It will be about people who had a dragon’s blood in their blood. Because of this they will have some powers


Also, @alexa223 on episode forums is helping me without cover art!


Woah that sounds cool. I’m not really that good at writing like… Sc-Fi stuff but they’re cool to read!


*with cover art


Hey ya’ll! (this is so random) :joy:


I hate auto-correct!


Honestly that sounds freaking interesting!


Yeah, they’re really hard. Plus, on est of my backgrounds got rejected :sweat_smile:


Lol don’t we all!?