Welcome to CHAT-SPACE!


So me, my first is polish


Wow I feel basic you guys know all these exotic languages meanwhile english is the only language I speak fluently :joy:


But no worries!


I would love to know english well. I check most things in the translator


My first language I saw French!


Is french


I know a little french


Cause I live in France


I love in Paris :slight_smile: it s so polluted :frowning:


DANima? Parlez-vous en français?


I live in Canada! And I know a little French too


In Paris? Me too!


Bien sure


I live near la seine lol it I saw so polluted! They are thinking to make a beach near the seine


Mais pas beaucoup


Je parle frrançais. C’est ma première langue.


Really? I live near the airport Charles Des Gaulle


I’ve been there so many times to visit my family in California!



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Closing thread and moved from Directing Help & Tips to General Chat where something like this would belong. Thanks all! :peace_symbol: