Welcome to CHAT-SPACE!

Hey! I just want to post this here as a precaution since we used to have 2 other chat threads on here that were closed by admins for not having a definite topic.

We have a friend making group chat for Episode people meant for basically talking about anything. Feel free to join. Just when you join, make sure you tell me your Forum name for slight safety purposes (we don’t want any creepers). Here is the Discord link.

Now you may return to your conversations. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Sorry, if I making spelling errors :sweat_smile: English is my second language :confused:

So is mine!

Oh I might check her out because I made my own but It’s pretty basic and eh so maybe she can help!

I have too an other story obout a girl who moves with her brother to a mansion in a beautiful valley. There she discovers a secret relatedto her new home. Also she starts to see a girl in her dreams who can be a key to solve all secrets

My first language is Russian! :joy:

So me, my first is polish

Wow I feel basic you guys know all these exotic languages meanwhile english is the only language I speak fluently :joy:

But no worries!

I would love to know english well. I check most things in the translator

My first language I saw French!

Is french

I know a little french

Cause I live in France

I love in Paris :slight_smile: it s so polluted :frowning:

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DANima? Parlez-vous en français?

I live in Canada! And I know a little French too

In Paris? Me too!

Bien sure

I live near la seine lol it I saw so polluted! They are thinking to make a beach near the seine

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