Welcome to E and C's art studio! (coming @Chesirekitten101's profile)


Hey guys! How you doing? I’m pretty fineeee!I’m gonna tell you why rn!

also I have a partener! @Chesirekitten101 and I are doing a collab and you can request here!

As you guys might know: I stared digital art , outline characters and realistic outlines. I’m new to this , but I guess I’m doing good :grin: Anyways This is a double announcement.

  1. I’ve been asked to join an episode art group team! :laughing: ( I won’t spoil the name till its official.)

Now drumroll please! pretend that this is drumroll

  1. I’M TAKING REQUEST OFFICIALLY! !!:slight_smile::blush::grin::joy:

Loak at my artwork :wink:

Here we go!

Da rules :point_up:

1.Give credits and ask me
2.Be patient
3.Don’t cause drama!
4.Be nice
5.Be specific


I love the second one Elisabeth! :wink:


thanks!I like it more too, I guess it’s a bit more complete :grin:


This is nice !


thanks! :grinning::joy:


How did u do it ?


outline secrets lol :joy:


I am so in awe about how you did this art
I would love it if you could teach me


Sure​:slight_smile: but which one? :slight_smile:


Lol I hate my autocorrect :joy: I MEANT BT LOL :joy:


This one
I really adore this one


Ah! That one was an outline :slight_smile:


Also , do you still wana join the group? If yes please fill our form so we can get you approved :slight_smile:


What’s Bt


Yep I will


lol I ment but annoying autocorrect :rage::rage::angry::grimacing: