Welcome to Episode Inferno! (Apply Here!)

Hey, we’re so glad you stopped by our atelier! :wink: Welcome to the Episode Inferno introduction and application link. Let’s start with a brief description of Episode Inferno and what we do:

Episode Inferno is a group full of social, artistic, and helpful people that enjoy assisting others, creating masterpieces, and working as a team.

Have you ever written a fantastic story, and one single error stops you from sharing it with the world? Or does your story need a bright pop of art, but you just can’t do it yourself? Well, Episode Inferno is the ideal solution to any problem you have along your Episode journey as a writer, coder, and artist!

We focus on building friendships within the group and using our bond, and our love of creativity, to share our passion in the form of guiding others. We don’t only specialize in helping others, but also, supporting each other and staying close. We build a drama-free union, and will always be there for each other, no matter what. We manage to do this without adding additional stress or worry into each other’s lives, too!

If you’re a great coder, an outstanding artist, or an amazing editor, join Episode Inferno today, and fulfill your passion by adding joy into your own life, and others’. Use this link to fill out an application to join us, and you may earn yourself a spot in Episode Inferno!


  • A request thread is coming soon!

Thank you so much for stopping by from the Episode Inferno leaders! :kissing_heart:

I tried to paste my example, but it didn’t work… can I just Private message it to you?



I actually just looked through your responses, and you seem like a very nice person.
We’d be delighted to have you in our group, and you’re actually our first member.
You’ve been accepted!
(I’ll pm you the link on the same message as your examples. We use Discord too!)

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@Mya1357 You’ve been accepted! You do great art! I’ll pm the link to you!

Ok. Thank you

Lol could you pm me instead I dont have a trust level yet…

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That’s honestly so annoying😂 but if it keeps spammers away…meh I guess

@Spiffymi You’ve been accepted! I will pm you the link!