Welcome to Epy.Fire Application


Hello episodian welcome to Epy.Fire we’re we make art turn lit

You might be wondering what’s Epy.Fire

We’re a lit group here to turn your requests to art :sunglasses: :rofl:
We love making art for you and having fun with it, we can also be weird but that’s the fun part of being a family.
We take our time in life to help our customers.
Also just so you know that the team is full of weirdness so make sure you can handle it.

What Do We Do
We make art and have fun and help you with anything

Where Do We Chat
We chat on Episode Forum and Instagram

Who Do We Hire
We hire basically anyone!

We will be hiring a total of 18 people since there tend to be a lot of drama between groups.
That’s all episodian.

With love~
Epy.Fire Team


Thank you, for the welcoming. i have a question… i want to messaging someone but i don’t know how to.:frowning_face:


Just go to the person profile and you’ll see message that’s how


This might sound rlly stupid but I don’t rlly do art but I have always been up for being in a group…are there any jobs available for someone who does not do art?


you should have people who help with script problems. you’ll get so many customers!


Good idea! We will consider it! Thanks :slight_smile:


The president isn’t online for now so don’t worry :slight_smile:


I’d love to help people with their script problems!


The president isn’t online so she will consider it :slight_smile:


I could also help you do that:)


Hey I’m new here




One question…who is the president?




@L.I.W.F and @Epy_raven :slight_smile:


Oh ok…I thought that’s who is was:)


No I just help her :slight_smile:




No problem it’s ok :slight_smile:


Back guys with 7 PM’s and 89 messages