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Hey there!
I make covers, splashes, and sometimes art scenes. If you have a request feel free to pm me or send a message here. Although please note that I tend to get busy during the weekdays, and I get most of my work done on weekends, so if something is taking too long please understand that I don’t always have enough time.
I have a friend called Lilly, she has been helping me with all the requests.
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Art scenes


You should put examples so people could see your work!


ya thats a good idea thanks


It looks amazing :wink:
You are very talented :smile:


thank you


Hi! I would like for you to put the masked person in this:

with this background:

And with the text: The silent murderer of Wickholne’s street




If you need me to change anything just ask


Could you make me a splash?


sure, send me the details


Yay thanks!


Its amazing, sry im on my phone and can’t send emojis. could you make the mask and the knife bloody¿ and pls write: by Pro.Writer. Otherwise, its super cool


pls make everywhere except the mask blurry, if you could


And, how do I give you credit¿


Please could you use this character:

With any background you’d like

Saying: Thank you for reading The Minority!


Thank you in advance :sparkling_heart:


Ya no problem, but please if you could, can you please take a screenshot of your character from your phone? Normally the ones from the computer are more pixelated and the screenshots have better quality.


Ya I’ll do that. And my @ is @Jemma1, use that to credit me


Uh I don’t mind if its pixelated! Just do whatever!