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could you send me the background? And do you want any text?


Here you go @jaz.writes


Thank you so much x


Of course


Hey Jem, could I request an art scene


Hi could i request an art scene and a few covers?


ya sure


Can it say Mariana in pink text and can the background please be this-

Pink Brick

Thank you :blush:


First Cover (small)
One girl and one guy

The Guy

Shes flirting with the girl

The Girl

But shes on the right side and Hes on the left side with these poses and clothes
So the girl is looking on the left side and the Guy is looking for the right side
And a purple backround it doesnt matter what it looks like i just need it as purple
Thank you J <3


Hi, Your art is truly amazing.
I was wondering if you could make a art cover for me?
Of course I will give you credit in my story. <33
I’d be very happy if you could help me out <33


sure go ahead and request


Here you go @Moonlight8


Here is the boy:

Here is the girl:

And here is the background

I want him to stand behind her and hold her. And could you also write “be mine” on the screen.


thank you
one thing: the backround can you change it
to this:

put them on the middle just like that but the swadows are not working can you erase them
Thank you


the backround that i sented you there are on the upsceen right hearts count right to left to five and remove that part of the backround where are roses and put backround there and a girl im gonna sent you the girl
sorry if im giving you too much job
just tell me if im giving you too much job
heres the girl with these clothes and this face:

shes facing the girl the man


put a black backround


Hey, can I get a large cover? Here are details!

Characters: 2- Ink

Character 1 details:

Character 2 details:

Pose: Character 1: Facing forward smiling
Character 2: Behind character 1 wrapping hands around her waist smiling.

Character 1: White Beach Day Romper, Pink Delia Delight Heels
Character 2: White Bondage Pants, Black Hipster High Top Sneakers,Shirt (Chinchilla Grey)


Text: Consequences
Font: White Cute Cursive

Author: AmeliaEpisode

Extras: Character 1: Please make hair longer, Natural Makeup
Character 2: Muscles, brighter eyes.

Thanks so much! Love, Amelia!


Hey Jemma!
Can I please have a character edit :grin:


Skin-Copper 07
Brows-Round medium Dark brown
Hair- Braided Bun Dark Brown
Eyes- Deepset down turned Brown Dark
Face- Triangle Defined
Nose- Round Flared Up turned
Lips- Full heart pouty Brown Gold

Buckled combat Boots Leather Grey Black
Racer Back workout top Green Camo
Silver Cuff Leggings Spandex balck

One hand on hip holding a gun other is just resting on the side

Thanks :heart:


Hey girlie! Your edits are amazing! Are you still taking requests?