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Hey, I would like to request an art scene please!
I need 2 characters on it.
female :
skin: light
hair: Diva Curls Black
eyes: upturned bold Blue
nose: soft natural
mouth: full round Scarlet
eyebrows: smooth arch
Face: soft heart
male :
skin: peach
hair: modern pompadour Black
eyes: deepset piercing
nose: button
mouth: uneven Blush
eyebrows: thick bold
face: stubble

No props…
background: could you use this background pls?

Genre : Romance
Inspiration photo : could the pose be like this one?


additional notes : Just for your information, i thought you should know that this is a scene in my story when she is about to trip on something and he catches her from falling. Could you please make him muscular around the arms, chest and legs? and could you please make him a bit taller than her?
Let me know if you can do it…
And can you give a rough idea of how long your going to need 4 this? Thanks!


Hi. can you make me a art scene too?

I need something like this

but male skin color is tan and girl skin color is light and I don’t want the heart at the back. I want the bg to be white


Hi, I was wondering if I can request for a art sscene

The art scene is that it’s a car crash and there is a fire. The background is a highway. If you need more information please let me know.:blush:


Hey Everyone!
Just to let you know that Jemma hasn’t been online in a couple of months so if you are going to make a request it may not be answered :grin:
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Hello everyone. I’m sorry for not replying for a while. I lost access to the application I use to create edits so I no longer can make art for you guys. If I do somehow regain access I will let you know, but for now I hope you guys can find someone else to help :blush: :blush:



I was just about to request :sob::sob::sob:


Hey girly! Could you make me a cover Please? Keep up the AMAZING work!! :heart::heart_eyes:


Hi is there anyway you could make me some splash art ?
Message back if you can and I’ll give you the details :smile:


Bump! I absolutely LOVE your work!

Great job,


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Hey, could I request a profile pic? I saw the examples in this thread and they’re absolutely gorgeous.


Can I request a cover?


Is the creator still active with this thread? :slightly_smiling_face: