Welcome to Mars art shop! (Free, Open and hiring) (pm me if you want to get hired)

:smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Hello, everybody! Hey everyone!! :two_hearts:

:blob_hearts: Welcome to My Workshop :blob_hearts:

  • In here I can offer you various art works for your stories etc.
  • I only do EDITED art! And I only do LL

:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: What I can offer

  • Character Edits (LL)
  • Character Cards (LL)
  • Covers (Edited) (LL)
  • Text Overlays
  • Banners
  • Splashes
  • Moodboards

Please read the following rules carefully! If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

NO thread hopping! (It means requesting the same thing at multiple shops.) I DON’T like this at all. I spend a lot of time on requests and it would be a waste of my time if you decide not to use my work.

NO drama in this thread.

Be polite and patient! Editing is not my full time job. I also have a life outside of editing!

Please fill out the form CORRECTLY when requesting. I’ll give you three chances to get it right!

When requesting use the password, Lightning :zap: and BLUR IT.

When writing down your request, be sure to mention what you are requesting.

Credit me! As I’m doing everything here for free, I would appreciate if you credit me when displaying my work. You can credit me using my Forums acc @episode.mariana

If you want to cancel your request, please let me BEFORE I complete your request!

DON’T privately message me your request, Because, it could get lost in my notifications and I can’t scroll back down and find it! Only post your request here.

Do not spam! When posting your request, post it altogether! Don’t send the half of the request first and the rest some other time!

I have the right to decline your request.

  1. Where’s the form?
  2. Do you have any examples?
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Closed by OP request :smiley: