Well Directed Story Suggestions

These authors are my favorite

Oooh I have already read it

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going to start reading it today

I really used to like Rockstar in my bed but then it got gem choices and my interest just vanished same applies to Stay the night. but alusza and sophookles are just wonderful

Wow I just needed some good comedy story to read. I am going to read it today

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If you need a story here is mine!

Story Description
she’s been outside the truth for her whole life but Isabella is determined to find out the truth about herself, will you follow her along and see the truth unfold? (CC & no gems)


and DM on Instagram!
To let me know you would be down.
Instagram: @eyahmn.episode

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Feel free to check out my new story - it meets all of your criteria :cupid:

Frozen Soul:
They call her the one with the frozen soul.
One look into Queen Eira’s cold ice-blue eyes and you tremble with fear.
Can Rhys melt her barriers or will (s)he perish by cold?

art by @/versearrow


  • new story (episodes 1-3 published)
  • Limelight
  • Romance
  • 2 MCs (F&M or F&F)
  • full CC
  • choices matter/point system
  • minigames
  • different endings
  • occasional art
  • music&sound + spotify playlist avaible
  • attention: flashes are used

story link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5579225749979136

art by @/epi_morgan (IG) via @/episodeparadise

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these authors have amazing stories!


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Awesome thank you! I hope you’ll enjoy :pleading_face::white_heart:

So true!! I literally love their stories and follow them all

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Thanks for this thread

R&R: In Love with Her Soul
Genre: fantasy
Chapters: 4
One LI (choose gender)
Mature, comedy
You can also find my story in the R&R shelf on the app :black_heart::black_heart:
They say that love conquers all. But is love enough for Demon, Asmodeus, to choose HER over himself? Is he willing to give up his soul to save hers?
Male MC,M/F LI,Point System, CC

Hi there

Thank you for this thread
This is my story details, hope you like it :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title : Long time

Gerne: Romance / Mystery

Episodes: 11(ongoing)

Author: Lea

Instagram: lea.episode.1

Description: Hanna grew up in one of the most Dangerous Italian Mafia families.

Since her mum died from unknown circumstances she feels like a piece of herself is missing.

What happens when you feel like you don’t fit in this world anymore… and you want to know the truth?

When you cross his path will he help you?

Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5057764931076096 1


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Hey, thank you for the thread :green_heart:

Here it is ~

Story title: Four Leaf Clover :four_leaf_clover:

Genre: Drama/ Comedy

Description: A new transfer student changes the luck of a friendship trio. Will they forget their unlucky past and finally find a “Four leaf clover” friendship, or will it come back to haunt them? :leaves: Full CC/ Choices matter.

My Ig: @shen_episode

Story link :arrow_down:


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I’d like to think my unpublished story is very well directed :thinking: Here’s the details, and let me know if you’d be interested in a tag for the promotion & release!
Title: DL: Voltage
Author: Iris Levont
Genre: Fantasy/Action/Comedy + (now adding) Mild Romance & Drama
Description: Blairs life takes a turn when she gains superpowers and survives in the process. Her mission? Keep her double life a secret. Will she be able to conceal her secret identity?
Offers: Limelight, Full CC, Advanced DIrecint & Coding, Custom Poses & Overlays, Diversity, MiniGames, Points System, Choices Matter, 2 Endings, Art Scenes.
Small Cover:

Large Cover: Releasing on promo (Between June 15th-June 25th)
Trailer: Releasing on promo (aka Between June 15th-June 25th)

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Therapeutical by Funicidal
Without You by Georgia Sanders
Watch My Six by Laila C
Six Feet Under by Bebe Moore
Any story by Jadlyss.

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Absolutely yes and also hmu if u need a beta reader

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Great! I actually do need a few too! I’ll reach out as soon as I do, thank you!

Hi there,

My new story is “Unexpected Perfection”! I’ve spent countless nights perfecting the directing lolol! Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

Author: Rhyann
Genre: Romance
Language: English
Customization: MC and LI
Instagram: @rhyann.episode
Published Episodes: 12
Link: http://episodeinteractive.com/s/5202042013220864

Description: Kylie has it all -beauty, brains and a great life in the big city. Ryder has only ever been passionate about his work. Can a chance meeting change their lives forever?

Untitled design-17

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dEFINITELY going to give it a read

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I just read it yesterday and WOW! It is wonderful.

Oh and this one too.
The stories are just so mindblowing.
Btw do you have any idea how they make those custom animations? DO they edit the pose and then just change to opacity quickly like in gif to make them appear like they are blinking and doing other stuff

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