Well done bad bois

OK, I can see that everyone hates bad bois like in In My Bed or It Starts With a Bra, but what about well-done bad bois?

The type of bad bois like in The New Girl are actually really cute and nice. They care about their partner and protect them when they only have a crush on them. I think that’s cute. IDK about y’all, so that’s why I opened this thread.

Those two feautured stories were mentioned for an example. Please only mention them as in examples. This is not a discussion post for them.


Well done bad boys are on the critically endangered list - you’ll find a handful, max, in any story genre. They’ve been overtaken by bad boy criminals who commit terrible felonies in the name of love. :disappointed_relieved:

I love bad boys - I mean, my username, hello? But many are written to do irredeemable things by normal person standards and if the author expects me to just go on like it’s nothing… :expressionless:

There’s bad because they’ve got a reason to beand acknowledging that and then just bad for the sake of being bad? Does that make sense? There’s a line and y’all (many trending stories) be crossing it.



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