Well I’m new in this


Is my episode all the only one where the passes don’t recharge after 3-4 hours I had 17 passes and after I used 2 I always wait till it recharge but it didn’t and if I delete the app and install it again are my stories that I played lost do I have to start again from begin? Thanks


I fount it that when I accidentally deleted it all my stories I had read had gone and the chapters went back to when the last time I deleted it for more GB for a holiday I went to


I didn’t quite understand I’m sorry so when you deleted the app everything was gone?


Your stories and progress will automatically be saved. It’s like deleting a story from your shelf, you still have the progress saved Incase you wanted to go back. So everything WILL be there. Hope this helped!


Unfortunately It didn’t work


Feel free to check out this thread:

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