Well I’m very stuck

I’m not sure how to use overlays, I’ve read a forum on it already. I’m trying to make it so that after the MC leaves the scene an overlay pops up and fades in and out. Some help would be appreciated.

If I were you I would look up a video about it by Joseph Evans on YouTube

I think your talking about transitions, for it to fade out it’s @transition fade out 1 (sorry if it’s wrong) and to fade in its @transition fade in 1 if you want to slow down the transition you change the 1.

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It’s correct but unfortunately I’m not talking about transitioning

Oh ok

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity in amount of time

so like;

@overlay OVERLAYNAME opacity 1 in 2.5

which it would take 2.5 seconds to be at its full opacity, fading in as you do it.

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