We're all equal, #Equality



For those who can’t speak up for themselves.
I will be there to help you when you’re afraid, and your eyes are shivering out of fear…
I’m gonna be the helping hand that you’ve always wanted in your life…
I’m gonna make sure you’re happy no matter what happens
I would do anything to make sure people around me are safe
I will make sure that no one behind,next, or towards me gets hurt
Why can’t everyone just love each other and treat each other the same way they want to be treated.
Why can’t we just live a peaceful life without racism, sexism, homophobia, and other things that spread negativity around the world…
Why can’t we all just be equal, and treat each other just like the way we wanna be treated, with respect, love, and integrity
Why can’t people stop spreading false rumors about someone, and let them live their life?
I have lots of questions about this world
But one day, just one day we will all learn to love each other no matter what.
If you just saw how you can ruin a persons life by racism,sexism,homophobia, false rumors, that shit gets me pissed off.
So whats so hard about being equal, I just don’t understand…
We all have different mindsets, but that doesn’t give you a reason to not respect anyone.
And that’s another thing some people don’t understand…
I’m spreading this message out here to let people know that no matter what, you’ll always have a helping hand, if you’re going through depression,anxiety, any type of bad thing. Don’t feel afraid to talk about it, because I’ll be there, My friend had to go through depression, people kept on bullying her for having curly hair, but I was there the whole time until she recovered, I honestly despise bullies, if you bully someone that doesn’t make you any better than them, you make yourself look like a huge asshole.
I love everyone the same, and I want anyone who’s hurting, to speak out for themselves, to shine your true colors, and to let go of your worries…
IF anyone is bullying you harassing you in forums or ANYWHERE, don’t feel afraid to report to a moderator, or to speak out about it to your friends,family, and online
Because, from now on I want us all to be equal, respectful, loving, caring, and not self-centered.
Spread the word… #Equality
Thank you so much
Best Regards


I have my beliefs and when needed I share them
But I don’t hurt anybody with that or do harrasment or anything like that

Is there a name 4 the ppl that offend u religion?
Also that needs to stop… saying you hate someone cuz of they’re thoughts


Saying you hate someone cause of their thoughts to me is pretty stupid, everyone should respect each others thoughts/opinions.
I’m not sure there’s a specific name for people who hate your religion i will look that up later.
Good to hear that you don’t harass anyone, because people actually get negatively-affected by it.


I believe it’s called religious discrimination.

And we should speak our minds, thoughts, and opinions, so long as they aren’t harmful, with others. If people get offended easily or can’t handle our opinions and hate on them, then we move on-sometimes you just can’t speak and reason with others if they are in constant disagreement and hostile about it.

We can do it! We have the power to stick up for ourselves and fight back!

Also, you are honestly an amazing person, helping and comforting your friend who got bullied, providing help to others who are going through a hard time and listening to them.
Listening is such a powerful thing to do, even if no words come out of our mouths ; )

We need more people like you, we need more love :yellow_heart::gift:


Agreed. :heart:


True! Thank u :blush:


I love this :heart:


Thank u! :blush:


No problem :heart:


I don’t know if there is any specific reason why you put this here, but I hope a lot of people will see it.


My friend went through lots of struggles throughout her life, and no one helped her, so I wanted to spread a message to other people that if they’re hurting they’ll always have a helping hand, and I wanted people to learn to love each other, and have some respect to make this world a beautiful place :heart: