We're Expanding Episode Explained!

Hello Episodians!

We’ve heard you all asking for a clearer sense of how things work on Episode. We launched Episode Explained in the Fall of 2018 with the goal of helping readers and creators gain a better understanding of our platform. We would love to hear your requests for what kind of questions we can answer for you!

We’ll regularly review your submissions and do our best to provide clear in-depth answers. We are most excited to answer questions that are broadly applicable to Episode creators or readers and which haven’t already been addressed. If your question applies only to you, your story or a small segment of the community, you can get a faster, more specific answer from our Support Team.

If you have a question about how Episode works please take a minute to fill out this form!

For examples of the kinds of questions we are looking for, take a look at some of the Episode Explained articles we’ve already released:

Creator’s Contests
Reader Retention
Episode Grading Rubric
Tips to Get Readers


Thank you Episode Team! :yellow_heart:

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Thank you!

Thanks episode!

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@Cee @ParkLow_G can you both guess what I’m going to suggest? :smirk:


Do iiiiiit!


C’mon I know you want to say it :grin:


Thank you episode :raised_hands:t2::clap:t3:

I know there are already some threads which explain stuff like Copyright and Fanfics, and the use of Content Warnings, but it would be nice to see them combined here for wider access.


Thanks! This is super helpful!