We're taking art requests!

Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a good day!
@Astxrism and I are taking art requests!
If you need a small cover/large cover/intro/outro or even an Episode profile picture, you can easily fill out the form! No, you don’t have to pay. It’s completely free. You just need to follow a few rules.
Click here to get access to the request form:



hey! i filled the form but whats your instgram? :sweat_smile:

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Hi! It’s @ devuwrites


Bump !

Have u got any examples?

Dm devuwrites on instagram.

I’ve sent mine in & just about to read your story! :white_heart: tysm!

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Alright! Thank you :two_hearts:
It’s late where I am so I will look at it tomorrow.
Have a good day/night!

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thank you :two_hearts:


thank you!:two_hearts:

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Submitted!! Off to post your screen shots!!


[quote=“devuwrites, post:14, topic:436641, full:true”]
Hi again. First of all, I wanted to thank you all for requesting! I’m so excited to work on them!
We’ve got 12 requests now :joy: :sweat_smile:
I’ll be closing the request form in 12 hours, starting from now.
I’ll open it again once I get a few requests done!
So hurry up!


Can i see ur examples

where r ur examples may i see them from either of u

my instagram @devuwrites

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don’t have insta

But you can still see them

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still see them where if I dont have insta where can I see them :face_with_raised_eyebrow: @devuwrites @Astxrism