Werewolf game! (Fantasy themed) 🔒

This was suppose to be a roleplay but I didn’t not have enough rpers, so I figured that making it as a forum game would be better.

The werewolf game

Werewolf, is a party game also known as Mafia. Basically a fun game where you guess who is a traitor.

In case you do not know what The Werewolf Game (also known as The Mafia Game) is, I’ll explain it right now.

For the game, each player will have their own role. The roles include:

On the werewolves’ side, there will be:

3 werewolves: :wolf: :wolf: :wolf:

Werewolves get to kill one person each night. The werewolves know who are their partners but do not know who is the psycho is.

1 consort :lipstick:

A consort can hypnotise a player at night. If the consort is voted out the next day, the hypnotised player will be out of the game as well.

One the villager’s side, there will be:

1 seer: :crystal_ball:

A seer can examine one player’s identity at night. The seer will know if the person is a werewolf or on the villager’s side. The seer will not know one’s role.

1 witch: :woman_mage:

The witch has two types of potions. Two bottles of antidotes and a poision. The witch will be informed who will die that night and can choose to use the antidote. If the witch choose to do so, the player will survive the following day. However, after using both of the antidotes, the witch is not allowed to save another player anymore and will not be informed who will die for the following nights. Meanwhile, the poision can be used to kill a player. The player will die the following night. The witch is not allowed to use both potions at the same night.

1 genie: :genie:

Each night, the genie will be informed whether the person voted out yesterday was a werewolf or a villager.

1 knight: :dagger:

The knight can reveal his/her identity to the public during the day. Once revealed, the knight must pick someone to reveal the person’s identity during the day. If the person is a werewolf, the werewolf dies, If the person is a villager, the knight dies. This ability can only be used once.

2 villagers: :man_farmer: :woman_farmer:

The villagers do not have any abilities. However, they have two lives in this game. They will only die if they are killed twice.

2 princesses :princess: :princess:

The princesses are locked in the castle. Therefore, they know they can trust each other. The princesses do not have any abilities but they know who they can trust. At night, the princeses can discuss strategies.

1 wild child :child:

The wild child is a villager who, at the beginning of the game, chooses a player. If during the first two nights this player dies, the wild child becomes a werewolf.

The villagers do not know each other’s identities, therefore must guess who are the werewolves.

For these roles, I’ll PM you who you are once the game begins. Roles will be randomised.

How to play this game?

  1. Each night, the werewolves choose to kill someone. At the same time, the witch, the seer and the genie will carry out their roles.
  2. During the day, the remaining players must discuss who is the werewolf while the werewolves must blend in as someone on the villager’s side.
  3. The players must vote the player they think is a werewolf while the werewolves must blend in with the villagers and gain their trust.
  4. The player with the highest number of votes will be eliminated.
  5. Steps 1 to 4 are repeated until the either one of the scenarios happen:

i) The werewolves and the consort are all voted out. If that happens, the villagers win.

ii) The number of werewolves remained are tied with the number of villagers. In this case, the werewolves will win.

The Rules:

  1. You must vote or I’ll assume you casted your vote on yourself.
  2. You are not allowed to show your identity in a form of evidence (This includes adding people into PMs and screenshotting the PM ), but you are allowed to tell. If you do, it really kills the purpose of the game so I really hope you wouldn’t do that…
  3. If you didn’t talk or like any of my posts for the 24 bours, you will be disqualified.
  4. If you are dead, you are not allowed to talk. If you would like to talk, you have to blur your comment.
  5. Active players will be rewarded.
  6. If you disobey any of the rules, you will be disqualified.

Vote this poll if you would like to play.

  • I would like to join and I’ve understand the rules
  • I would like to join despite not understanding the rules

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The game will start after 13 people have joined.


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Thanks for the tag! I’ll decide whether I should join or not after reading everything.


Do we have to comment here to join or do we sign up automatically by voting in the poll?

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You just need to vote the poll.

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No problem! Take your time to read!

I think this is “Towns of Salem” but werewolf version :joy:


Trust me, this game will be way different than Town of Salem.

You might have a typo there…

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Sorry, I’ll have typos here are there, hehe.

Thanks for pointing out, though.

I’m not really a fan of the game since it goes on way too fast, so I’m excited to see how you can work with this! :two_hearts:

I swear to God I think I’ll be next to create a towns-of-salem, murder mystery type game :joy:


Thank you!

I’m in


Thank you!

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I wanna play I wanna play I wanna play I WANNAAAAAA. :crazy_face:

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Lmao :rofl:

Thanks anyway.

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please tag me if you create the game :joy:

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Hey dude! Thanks for the tag! I’ll sign up.

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Thank you!