Werewolf story help, please

I need werewolf story ideas. Like side plots and issues some of my characters who’re werewolves might go through.


Maybe they don’t know they are werewolves and they find out or they are a special kind of wolf that makes them powerful and unique.

Maybe there could be werewolf hunters and they need to keep their identities hidden so they don’t get found by the hunters

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Since most werewolves are transformed, I imagine that they probably struggle with self-acceptance, right? I’d imagine they would have some self-image issues. There could possibly be a dead body/animal found and they could struggle with the guilt of possibly being at fault, too (if they’re the “can’t control their actions when they transform” type of werewolf).

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Hey, I would definitely go for something different than usual for this one. All of the werewolves stories seem to be about being the chosen one or finding a mate that’s either dangerous, from another pack or a human etc. They’re all pretty much similar.

How about (idk, those ideas are pretty random):

  • The MC wakes up with no memories from the night before, but she/he feels that’s something is really off. Step by step they discover, they’ve been turned into a werewolf. With each transformation they become more and more wolf, so that at one point they would irreversivbly become a real wolf. To prevent that from happening they have to find out what happened that night…

  • Following @TheCalliope’s idea: The MC is a werwolf and an orphan who grew up in orphanages and foster homes. But the foster families would give them away as soon as they find out that something’s wrong with them, so they wouldn’t stay longer than a month (full moon) in each home. They’ve diagnosed schizophrenic because the doctors couldn’t find out what’s wrong with them. So each full moon they’d have to sneak out in order to not hurt anybody. They’d be back in the morning with ripped clothes etc. Everyone would assume they’ve been on their psychotic ‘trips’ again. They wait for the day of their 18th birthday to finally be able to move out on their own. One night (possibly a full moon) they’re out in the woods when suddenly they see a human silhoutte far away turning into a wolf. They’re shocked to find out they’re not the only one, but the wolf starts running. So the MC goes after them…
    (At the end they find their real family etc.)


Thanks, I really like that first idea.

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they struggle in accepting that they are werewolves

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