West High General Chat

Here is the official general chat to the West High roleplayers, enjoy!

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Henlo guys!


SO a few suggestions we have are:
Camping field trip,
Baby project
Any others?

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The teachers will be in action during third period.

This isn’t a suggestion but I’m just saying!
If this is going to be a realistic high school role play, some body has to end up pregnant…I’m betting on Kayla.


Oh there should be a cheerleading squad my bihs

Ew I hate you even though it’s prolly tru

y’all think we should remove clubs, they seem pretty inactive…

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I can see it now, but who it gonna be.
Aiden? James? Carter? Lysander? Or even Thomas?

Do we still have to say that this story is based around Maxwell… cuz he’s never around


We should, we don’t really give clubs a time

:joy: Nah tbh this rp is just us role players trying to cause as much drama as posisble

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ally’s been a lazy ass, she promised me she would make max more active, starting recess.

Well I mean there’s a free period between periods 2 and 3 so we could have clubs then

It’s so fun thooo

I don’t want Kayla to get pregnatnw with Lysander tho cuz it’s not fun rp by myself. But idc who the dad is as long as it’s fun

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Well gtg everybody!

As long as we dedicate some times to clubs I’m up for it but I feel like there shouldn’t be too many clubs cuz then it’s disperesed

Awwwe byee!