West High: Newscast


G’day, folks. My name is Savannah Peters, bringing you all the juicy gossip and news from West High. Our first personal issue is the wild party that happened at the house at Aiden Dean’s. I heard Kayla and Kimora beat each other up!

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Can we comment or do you just update with drama


you can pm me the drama and it will be added!


Savannah is back! This just in, Carter sent a guy to a hospital! I wonder why he did such a thing!



Also, did you guys know James may become a fuckboy?! This just in, he kissed Clara Hart at the party! Do you guys think they’ll be a couple? What are your thoughts on James also kissing a random hoe?
@RudeInception comments about james were not meant to harm your boi.


Comments were said that the girl named Emily, may be James’ new girlfriend!


This just in, from Principal Reagan, we will be having a camping trip this weekend. This trip is worth half of your credits to graduate. Here are the assigned tents.

Tent One - Isabella Richardson(@graciebear20) and Carter Hoffman(@jkdelbian)
Tent Two - Samantha King(@RudeInception) and Maxwell Richardson(@ally20)
Tent Three - Clara Hart(@Briar.R) and James Del Rio(@RudeInception)
Tent Four - Camilla Jones(@JesusLover2.0) and Lysander Hull(@Queen_Faith)
Tent Five - Kayla Lopez(@Queen_Faith) and Kimora Saldago(@IIChanII)
Tent Six - Aiden Dean(@Briar.R) and Kate Welmore(@oorgeloop)
Tent Seven - Ariel Valle(@Res) and Cameron Diaz(@Bubbles)
Tent Eight - Sasha Spears(@Res) and Savannah Peters(@allyy20)
Tent Nine - Annabelle Peters(@graciebear20) and Maya Connors(@Ella)
Tent Ten - Matthew Taylor(@CrazyCaliope) and Luke Wayne(@JesusLover2.0)
Tent Eleven - Holly Harris(@CrazyCaliope) and Thomas Park(@allyy20)

If you are unable to attend, don’t expect to graduate high school!



Is anyone else concerned that there’s a guy and girl staying in the same tent? O.o


There’s seven co-ed tents… And usually, school camping trips in high school would be co-ed.


Meh. Still concerning to me. Their teens with hormones and testosterone :joy:


you have a good point, well at least, Kayla isn’t in a tent with guys, so I wouldn’t be worried.


:roll_eyes: Kayla can leave her tent y’all know that right?





“Lock your tents” :joy: :joy:


Wow Camilla has it with Lysander


Ha :slight_smile: that’s nice




I’m hungry…for drama…:roll_eyes::sleepy:


Same!!! Maybe something can happen at the campfire…


Well knowing Camilla she’s going to start something with Lysander.