West High: Official Roleplay Thread


This is the official continuation of MURDER, now renamed West High.


  1. Cussing is allowed in this roleplay, but please use the blur spoiler to cover it up.
  2. IF you are going to be inactive for a long time, please pm me before you be inactive without me knowing and I kill your character(s).
  3. Please follow the bell schedules, and double check you don’t approach a freshman if you’re a sophomore and you’re in class.
  4. If you wanna be friends with someone before the roleplay started, pm them.
  5. Feel free to travel somewhere after school, this roleplay doesn’t have to be all about us at school, I won’t bore your souls.
  6. If you wanna sign up for a club or be a club leader, pm me to be a club leader, and if you wanna signup to be in a club, go to the signup board in the rp.
  7. You cannot roleplay until your on the faceclaims and schedules.


Matthew “Matty” Taylor - @CrazyCaliope


Maxwell Richardson- @allyy20
Samantha King - @RudeInception
Carter Hoffman - @jkdelbian
Annabelle Peters - @epi.alyssaa
Camilla Jones - @JesusLover2.0
Isabella Richardson - @epi.alyssaa
Luke Wayne - @JesusLover2.0
Kimora Saldago - @IIChanII
Kate Welmore - @oorgeloop
James Del Río - @RudeInception
Maya Connors - @Ella
Savannah Peters - @allyy20
Autumn Winter - @epi.alyssaa
Jason Lee - @epi.alyssaa

Lysander Hull - @Queen_Faith
Holly Harris - @CrazyCaliope

Feel free to continue guys!


@oorgeloop @Bubbles @epi.alyssaa @RudeInception @jkdelbian @Queen_Faith

Any of you guys wanna make a club or be a club leader?


how about a music club??




You wanna be the leader?


yeah. sure!


MAXWELL FANCLUB PLZ I’d be the leader


we are gonna fast forward to the end of the day. go ska-daddle!


Wait… we have to fill out our MC face claim again?


No, everything’s set.


When I try to fill out a secondary character it asks for my MC face claim again


Oh, that’s the faceclaim for your secondary character, not your original.


Oh ok…


Not to be picky, But is it possible to change Kimora’s grade to a junior. Its just that normaly, a freshie dosent run a club.


I have no one with me in first period lol


Sure, no problem!


can you do the same for Kate?


Everyone, make your characters go to their lockers and pack up, and then you guys can have freetime in our ‘‘world’’.



I ran out of the classroom and went to my locker. I packed up my bags and just slammed my locker door closed. I had to go meet Bella in the front of the school, as usual.


School was finally out! I made my way to my locker and slowly packed to go home, I’m sure that Mom wouldn’t mind me taking my time anyways.



I walked slowly to my locker, my books hugged towards my chest. Today, Max told me we were going to meet in front of the school. I don’t know why, but I’m guessing I should tell Samantha, maybe she’d know something at least.


To Samantha
• Max wants me to meet him in front of the school today, sorry.
• I wish I could have met up with you at the cafe, though, maybe next time.
• Stop by later if you can, Sam!

I turned off my phone, put my backpack on, and made my way towards the front of the school.


I was still pretty ticked off at Max. I could have fallen instead of him catching me. I’m basically a woman! I can do things myself.

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