Welcome to West High, known in the community for its stellar academics… but known to students as the most dramatic school in the region. From drunken party fights, to campfire explosions, to near death experiences, these students have seen it all. Under the curtain of drama something bigger looms over the students of West High. Where does all of this money comes from? Why isn’t anyone suspicious of the school and their fanciful trips? When the students are so wrapped up in themselves, will ignorance be their downfall?

West High is a very realistic high school roleplay, with schedules and bells, and you can make those typical high school relationships. Originally named, “MURDER!”, West High is the continuation of the roleplay. You must signup a main and secondary character, must be a male and female.


I hope you guys signup!


@JesusLover2.0 @IIChanII

I need your character’s stereotypes!


Camilla-That cute musician girl.
My dude that I made-Sweet athletic one
does that work out and I’m sorry it’s been a crazy day but what did I name my dude


Kimora - The rebel


classes too!


Please do a separate form for Luke Wayne’s Schedule.




Hey, can we join in now if we weren’t part of the original RP?


Yep, it’s open!


Alright, I sent mine in.



A faceclaim is a person, don’t use a celebriity though or anime. Pm me your images.


Anybody who would like to join the dance team just let me know.


Once I finish making my character, she’ll join!


Ok @Briar.R , what style is your character into just so I know what to base the team style off of.
Examples: Jazz, Modern/Contemperary, Open (all styles), Acro, Hip Hop, Ballet


Probably Contemperary/Ballet/Ballroom?


Ok, were starting in the roleplay so you can meet my character there.


I shut my locker and start walking to leave the school. How am I already so tired.
ORP: Approchable


Could I join?


Of course! Just click the two links above!


If you were talking about dance, the audition were already held. But we can still pretend you made the cut.