Westridge High ~ RP Signups (REVAMP!)


@epi.alyssaa so sorry if this sounds impatient or anything, I’m kinda tired… but when will my characters be ready so I can use them?


I’ll put it on the FCs and then I’ll let you know. :slight_smile:


Ok thanks :grin:


Can I keep my old characters? Just the coach, Woodrow and Oliver please


We don’t have Coaches for the sports anymore, it’s not the same RP as before either. You’ll have to signup again because no one made their characters entirely the same, they only reused FCs and Names…




And plus there was extra info that we needed to give


@epi.alyssaa Sorry if I sound impatient, but when will my characters be ready?


I’m sorry that this probably sounds impatient, but it’s been long enough now for being impatient to be understandable…
I signed my characters up a week and a half ago… So I am really wondering if/when I will actually be able to start using my characters… @epi.alyssaa


I was wondering the same thing


@Littlefeets I believe Alyssa is on a break or something; and I’m almost certain @ChayChay is acting as supervisor, but I could be wrong.


I am helping her. Did she not add you two to the FC’s yet? I’ll check and add y’all or @Daisy_Flower1 will ad y’all as soon as possible. Sorry.


reserve for a female last name min


i made a new character


and the musician stage


@ChayChay Yeah I know my characters were never added, and I’m pretty certain that @Caticorn’s character/s weren’t added either.


Okay. I will look it all up tomorrow if @Daisy_Flower1 can’t get to it first. One of us will add y’all by Friday at the latest. I’m sorry for this. I just took over responsibility and haven’t had a chance to look it over yet. I will be though tomorrow or Friday.


Thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Your welcome


@Blonde_Glasses_Girl @Caticorn @Epi.Sympatics @Littlefeets @bossyroxy411 @riahh30

I am so so so sorry for the wait of your characters! I left on a little hiatus for about two weeks and I really thought I gave my helpers access to both the forms and the FCs, but it ended out being only the slideshow.

I apologize for my horrible mistake and I really am sorry for your impatience. I will make sure that all of your characters are up before midnight so you guys can start RPing when you get up.

Again, I apologize and understand if you do not wanna be in the RP anymore.