Westridge High ~ RP Signups


Upon living in the town of West Ridge, Chicago, you’re automatically registered to attend Westridge High, the city’s only high school.

Of course, Westridge High, is your ordinary high school, until 2010… An outbreak between two labeled groups had a fight, they went down together, and so did the rest of the school.

The result included the separate of Westridge High, all students were separated into nine groups. The Populars, The Jocks, The Actors, The Class Clowns, The Musicians, The Artists, The Neutrals, The Geeks, and The Bookworms.

The Populars are the school’s most popular and most admired. They are known by everybody around the school, and all of them were picked by previous populars. They can never be underestimated, and are to be highly respected. Each of them can take you down in a split second.
The Populars hold a stable relationship with The Jocks and The Class Clowns, while some of The Populars are friends with The Actors.

The Jocks are the school’s second most popular, and they are also highly admired by those at the school. Whether you’re a regular jock or one of the captains of the sports teams, you’re highly admired. The Jocks are the school’s award winners. They always end up bringing back awards from State Championships, so they are a student favorite.
The Jocks hold a stable relationship with The Populars, The Actors, The Class Clowns, and The Neutrals.

The Actors are the school’s third most popular. This group isn’t as admired, but they are well known for their beautiful productions that they throw for the school. Many students at Westridge know these people, but it isn’t uncommon that people don’t.
The Actors hold a stable relationship with The Jocks and The Class Clowns, while some of The Actors hold stable relationships with some of The Populars. The Actors are also “friends” with The Musicians and The Artists.

The Class Clowns are the school’s fourth most popular. This group is cherished by Westridge Students due to their ability of hating no one at Westridge. Many of the students wanna be friends with these people, as groups above them do not.
The Class Clowns hold a stable relationship with every group at Westridge.

The Musicians are one of the nine groups of Westridge. The Musicians are usually found in the school’s band room, or they’re all in the cafeteria, listening to music, or singing a tune.
The Musicians hold a stable relationship with The Artists, The Neutrals, The Geeks, and The Bookworms.
The Musicians also think they are friends with The Actors.

The Artists are also one of the nine groups of Westridge. The Artists are usually those who have those creative juices flowing in them.
The Artists hold a stable relationship with The Musicians, The Neutrals, The Geeks, and The Bookworms.
The Artists also think they are friends with The Actors.

The Neutrals are the people at Westridge that do not wanna have a label. These people are usually those who wanna freely express themselves and those who just wanna be them.
The Neutrals talk to whoever they want, but some groups may hate them.

The Bookworms and The Geeks are the school’s lowest and unnoticed students. These people usually are those people obsessed with video games and those who hold a book in their face twenty-four seven.
The Bookworms and The Geeks share stable relationships with each other along with The Musicians and The Artists.

The 2018 School Year has started for our fellow students. Some are brand new, while others are new, hoping to join the clique they want.

Will you live under the school’s separation or try to stop it?

Although we may seem like an easy RP to signup for, we are strict on how you make your character. Please make sure that you read through these rules carefully.

NOTE: We are allowed to reject your signup form if you lack any information that has been asked for.

  1. Make sure you reserve the clique role you want before signing up. Any signup forms without a reserved spot will be rejected.
  2. Please do not blame us or get angry at us if you do not get the spot you want. Others have reserved the spot before you have. This system is a first come, first serve.
  3. Please make sure that your character’s personality description and biography are the length of a paragraph. Any characters that lack the sentence minimum must be resubmitted or may be rejected.
  4. Please note that your character cannot be somebody with a perfect life. Although some people’s lives may be perfect, these characters are not.
  5. Do not make your character something they aren’t. For example, if your character is a freshman, they cannot be a popular because The Populars have not seen them before.
  6. Please make sure when signing up, your character does not have the same faceclaim or the same first or last name as somebody else. Be sure to look through the roleplay’s FCs before picking a name or an FC.
  7. If you cannot be active, please do not sign up for this roleplay. It is important that everyone is active for this roleplay. Remember, each character plays a special role, and one person may be thrown off if one isn’t there.
  8. Please remember that you can have a maximum of eight characters total. Be sure to balance them out by gender.
  9. When reserving, make sure you have only one head character for all of your characters. Having more than one is unfair to others. :slight_smile:
  10. Please do not pick the wrong role on the signup form when picking your clique role. Some spots have been left on the form for those who have previously reserved.
  11. If you have a guy character, do not make them shirtless on their FC. Although we have some FCs that are shirtless, yours cannot be.

In order to join, you must reserve one of the following spots:

NOTE: Neutral Geeks, Neutral Bookworms, or Regular Neutrals do not need to be reserved.

The Jocks: Male or Female Cheer Captain, Two Cheerleaders and Two Male Football Players
The Actors: Three Male Actors
The Class Clowns: Head Male Class Clown, Head Female Class Clown, Three Female Class Clowns, and Four Male Class Clowns
The Musicians: Head Male Instrumentalist, Two Female Instrumentalists, One Female Vocalist, and Two Male Voalists
The Artists: Head Male Artist, One Female Poet, Two Male Poets, Two Female Sculptors, Two Male Sculptors, One Female Painter, and One Male Painter
The Geeks: Male Head Geek, Female Head Geek, Male Co-Geek, and Female Co-Head Geek
The Bookworms: Male or Female Co-Head Bookworm

Now that you’ve read what this roleplay is about and the rules, we’re glad you have interest. Make sure you fill out every question accordingly and with detail.

Here is where you can signup to attend Westridge High.

Thank you for taking interest in the Westridge High RP, we’ll get back to you soon.

Any rp's I can join?

Can I reserve for one Female Neutral Popular and one male neutral?


No need to reserve neutrals, but the popular’s yours. :heart:


Reserve for volleyball captain girl please and male lead actor


Reserve for a female popular ! If there’s a female lead popular then I’ll take that :slight_smile: if not a neatrul popular is fine.


Can I reserve one female neutral popular and the male co-geek? If the female neutral popular spots are taken, I’ll take the female cheeleading captain.


reserve for female neutral popular!


I’m reserving myself for a Female Cheerleader :wink:x


I’ll reserve for the Female Basketball Captain!

And also, can someone tell me what is a character’s FC?


reserve a female popular cheer captain


You’ll have to pick one only, there’s one head allowed per person. :slight_smile:

They’re yours. :slight_smile:

She’s yours. :slight_smile:

She’s yours. :slight_smile:

She’s yours. :slight_smile:
Also, an FC is a character’s faceclaim, which is an image of how they look. Preferably a real person.

You’re gonna be a populer cheerleader, cheer captain is The Jocks only. :slight_smile:


Cheer captain will be yours so Ella can have the neutral popular. :slight_smile:


@epi.alyssaa When are you going to start the roleplay?


As soon as I can. :slight_smile:

Also, @Ella, @julie726, @Madilnel, @HermanEpisode, @Caticorn, @PurpleRose, @ChayChay, @taliaa, @khione, @L375, @Surface_Hyena57, @Littlefeets, @Annaliese_Clairemont, and @theother51, if you guys choose to signup, please refrain from doing so as of right now.

I need to fix something on the form. :slight_smile:


You guys are free to signup now, form should be fixed. :slight_smile:

Also, if your character is a popular, please note if they are a cheerleader or not.


@epi.alyssaa is the story in INK or Limelight?


If you guys cannot find your role when picking, just pick a random option and I will put it on your FC.

Also, please note that Freshman cannot pick cliques, as they are new students and the cliques don’t know them. If you choose to be a leader, you must try and persuade them to pick your clique.


It’s an RP. :slight_smile:


o right sorry its just that this is my first


The girl volleyball… and the boy can be a neutral… :grin: