Westridge High ~ RP Signups


Sorry for the inactive ness I’ll starts rping again


Yes, you can. Although, you won’t be able to start RPing until I confirm your signup. :slight_smile:

I’m also revamping signups, so you’ll have to wait a while…


i know that you are revamping the sign ups but can i still join (i know its late but i was wondering if it is still open)


I think you can


I’m afraid I won’t be able to continue with this roleplay. While I had originally had interest in it, it is far too overwhelming for me with how many people are in it. I apologise. If you want, you can put my characters up for adoption. Again, I am sorry.


I will try, usually I’m at school.



That’s alright, I’ll see you in that housewife RP. :slight_smile:


i hope so :slightly_smiling_face:


@coolandlazy can we so the date now? Or is Lucas at Xplor?


Everybody is at Xplor.


Oh… I was confused… I though only those 2 groups where… lol


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I’m sorry to say that the RP is ending. I don’t have the time to manage it anymore and I think everyone lost the inspiration and vibe to RP on it as well.

Please be sure not to take the idea as I may revamp it in the future into something more interesting.

I’m really sorry if I let you all down.


I know that schools go down easily, in months. This was THE BEST rp I’ve ever been in, I’m sorry I wasn’t as active I had school, this made me cry in a bed last night, but thanks @epi.alyssaa for this wonderful RP, it filled are hearts like candy.

RIP Westridge High


I understand. I am sad to see this wonderful RP go…


I’m planning a revamp soon, but, I’m trying not to make it a typical RP. It wouldn’t happen so soon though. :slight_smile:




@Sydney_H / @Jeremy

Pleae close this thread. :slight_smile: