Westridge High ~ RP Signups


I have Natasha who is a Popular Neutral, and Jayden who is a Neutral


Jayden … Woodrow will approach Jayden … in english class right?




Hold on please I have to send a message lol


@ChayChay could you please have Levi reply to Angel because I don’t think you have yet.


YEs one moment


Ok thanks!! :sparkling_heart:


Sorry @ChayChay and @HermanEpisode I haven’t been active since I have a lot of school and on top of that I want to wait until class to talk since I don’t know what to talk while in class.


Okay… it’s cool…


Anyone approachable right now? I kinda missed the RP for a week cuz i was super busy with school. Someone update me on what’s going on? :cold_sweat:


All students are meeting in the auditorium because the principal has a announcement.
James is approachable as well as Harper.


MY insides feel like this thread is kinda dead.





It’s not dead. I’ve just been busy with school and it’s been hard to manage.

If you could keep these comments away from the thread that would be very helpful.


Is it too late to join? If not, can I reserve a male bookworm?


Sorry for the inactive ness I’ll starts rping again


Yes, you can. Although, you won’t be able to start RPing until I confirm your signup. :slight_smile:

I’m also revamping signups, so you’ll have to wait a while…


i know that you are revamping the sign ups but can i still join (i know its late but i was wondering if it is still open)


I think you can


I’m afraid I won’t be able to continue with this roleplay. While I had originally had interest in it, it is far too overwhelming for me with how many people are in it. I apologise. If you want, you can put my characters up for adoption. Again, I am sorry.