Westridge High ~ The Official RP Thread


Welcome to Westridge High. We are glad that you are joining us for the 2018 to 2019 School Year. It will be an honor to get to know you, whether you’re a returning student, or you’re a new student, the pleasure is ours.

Be sure to drop by the office to get all the things you’ll need in order to get settled in. We do hope that you will enjoy this school year, here at Westridge High.

Upon living in the town of Westridge, you are immediately signed up for Westdrige High , a high school particularly like no other. The high school used to be as one, until 2010, when an outbreak arose, breaking the high school into nine parts, The Populars, The Jocks, The Geeks, The Actors, The Musicians, The Artists, The Class Clowns, The Bookworms, and the Neutrals.

The Populars were at the top of the school’s social pyramid. The Populars basically ran the school, but there were only few of them. Some of them had rich parents and were extremely vain and snobby, while some were just likeable to other populars. Although, the school was broken apart, The Populars who were on the cheer team had a stable relationship with those who were The Jocks.

The Jocks were directly under The Populars on the school’s social pyramid. The Jocks were semi-popular, captains of the cheerleading, football, volleyball, and basketball of the teams. The most competitive of the groups, they only accepted the best of the best on their sports teams. The Jocks that were cheerleaders had a stable relationship with those who were Populars.

The Actors were the third group on the school’s social pyramid. Some were very vain and dramatic, while others had personalities that didn’t have to be noted. They were usually found in the Auditorium practicing for the school’s next play, or in the cafeteria, planning the next play. Although the Actors hated The Musicians, they try to fake a smile so they can get stellar music for their plays.

The Class Clowns were the fourth group of the school’s social pyramid. Though they may be near The Neutrals, they are still a pretty popular clique of the school. As class clowns, they are usually funny people that can make you laugh your ass off. Since they wanna make everybody laugh, they have no hate whatsoever for other cliques.

The Musicians are pretty close to the bottom of the school’s social pyramid. They tend to be shy people, mostly some of them not being seen. They think they have a stable relationship with The Actors , but they really don’t.

The Neutrals are the people at Westridge who do not have a clique, and this is quite rare. They can be friends with whoever they want, and are allowed to be where they want. The Actors, The Musicians, and The Geeks are extremely fond of them.

The Geeks are one of the school’s lowest clique. They’re usually people who are obsessed with video games or those who are always in the computer lab. They tend to never be out in the open. All cliques except The Bookworms do not like these people.

The Bookworms are also one of the school’s lowest cliques. They are always in the library, mostly discussing the books they’ve been reading or reading books silently. The members of this clique rarely talk to each other or promote their own clique to Freshmen. This group only talks to The Geeks.

Will you be the one to stop Westridge’s separation?

The Westridge High Roleplay isn’t like your average high school RP here on the forums.

This roleplay is basically what it would be like if schools were actually separated by the power of labels. I thought it would be interesting to portray, and I’m glad many others took interest in this as well.

As you all know, every set of roleplays have their own set of rules, so please, take your time to read this as they are sacred to the benefit of our roleplay. It is important you read them all.

  1. Please do not control the actions or responses of other characters. Each roleplayer has their own set of characters, it would be rude of you to just control their characters without their permission.
  2. Please make sure that you censor any type of swearing in your responses. We do not want the thread being closed due to the failure of censoring.
  3. When roleplaying, please make sure to use proper punctuation, grammar, and capitalization. We wanna read your responses clearly.
  4. Please make sure to write a minimum of six sentences for each of your character responses. If you have been warned three times, I will put your character up for adoption.
  5. Please avoid making responses with ORPs only. Keep our thread neat by asking any questions related to the RP on our signup thread.
  6. Please remember that characters do not know the backstories and personalities of other characters, only you know them, so avoid pointing out backstories of other characters.

For more information, please read the handbook.

Take note that we have many students attending Westridge High, this school year.

For more information on the characters, check out the FCs.

Now, the time has come for us to open the gates of Westridge High, and hope for the best of a year, here at Westridge.

Enjoy the school year, students.

Westridge High ~ RP Signups
Westridge High ~ RP Signups

Bailey Williams
She quickly adjusted her cardigan, posing in the mirror to see if it looked good. She was very excited for the first day of school, going back to Westridge was exciting for her.

She quickly walked out of her room, rushing to head over to Hailey’s. She poked Hailey’s face, then she kneeled down to her level.

“Hails, wake up, please, I wanna get to school, on time.”She said, rolling her eyes at her. Hailey still looked fast asleep.

She crossed her arms, hoping that she would wake up soon.

ORP: @epi.alyssaa

Bailey’s Outfit



Being a senior I already knew my way around the school. I’m the only artist here. Which is just crazy if you think of it. I got to the office and get all my info. I go to the locker they’ve assigned me. I start putting my books in and I wait by it.
(approachable) hall


Being a jock and a returning student I knew what to do. I went to the office for the stuff I needed. Then I went to you locker put things in. After that I decided to head to the gym. I love the gym the most. I’m there when I’m not in class. Practicing my spiking for volleyball.
(approachable) gym


Being a sophomore, I didn’t know that much, however I knew to go to the office first. So that’s where I started. I went in, got my information and took off out of there as soon as possible. I’m an actress and I needed to get to the drama room as soon a second possible!
(approachable) drama room


I’m a freshman. I’m scared it’s my first day of Highschool. My Sister is a volleyball captain and I’m a nobody. I just hope I don’t get picked on. I walk onto campus I’m not sure what to do. I decide to stand outside the school and see if anyone would help me. I leaned up against the wall.
(approachable) front of school


Hailey Williams
She groaned, hearing the voice of Bailey annoyed her. Although the two girls were sisters, Hailey didn’t really like her. It would be another school year where Bailey would snatch the attention of their parents. She did like the fact she would see all of her friends again, so she didn’t think getting up would be such a bad idea.

She sat up from her bed, quickly passing Bailey. She walked over to her walk-in closet, then picked out her outfit for the first day. "This is the first day, Bailey, don’t be wearing shit."She said, walking into her bathroom. She quickly changed into her outfit, then looked in the mirror. She tied her hair into a high ponytail, then flaunted back out to Bailey.

"So, thoughts on this super chic look?"She said, posing for Bailey.



Bailey Williams
”This is the first day, don’t be wearing shit.” Hailey had said to her. Bailey sat on her sister’s bed, quickly noticing she had got something from her closet, then quickly going into her bathroom.

She had wished she and her sister had a closer relationship. She looked down at the floor for a bit, but soon her head came back up.

”So, thoughts on this super chic look?” She had told her, Bailey gave a slight smile. “It looks great on you, you can never fail fashion if it were a class, Hails.”She said, smiling at her. She kept smiling at her, so she didn’t think something was wrong.




Chloë woke up right on time for the first day of Senior Year, Lana Del Rey blasting through her speakers. She rolled out of bed, immediately rushing over to the mirror and untying her hair before spraying some sea salt spray. “My hair already looks perfect like this” she thought.

After getting ready and putting her outfit on, Chloë spritzed on some Chanel N5. Then, she walked downstairs before preparing her fruit salad and smoothie. “Mom! Dad!” she yelled, before realizing that they weren’t home. She rolled her eyes, ate her breakfast, and then got her backpack and shoes. Stepping into the garage, Chloë grabbed her keys and walked to her car, her 16th Birthday present from her parents. Chloë Velour never took the bus. She sighed, putting on her sunglasses. She pulled out of the driveway, heading to school.

Chloë knew, even before she got to school, that she would be one of the first ones there. As she pulled into the school parking lot, she parked in her spot. Everyone knew not to park there. Chloë exited her car and stood in the parking lot, checking her social media.

ORP: She’s approachable :))



Waking up in the morning Shana feels tired even after sleeping for 10 hours. She stands up like a hangover person would and goes to her bathroom. She looks at the hot mess in the mirror and starts looking for her toothbrush. She notices a pile of makeup just lying on the counter and she looks at it as if saying “Oh hell nawh”. After finally brushing her teeth and deciding to do nothing with her hair she goes to the wardrobe and grabs the first thing she finds. Taking her backpack and stuffing it with all her school books + Gogol’s raincoat. After that she ate her breakfast and her mom dropped her off at the school.

ORP: Approachable (hall)


The alarm clock ringing made him super excited. For some reason he loves the first day of school. He jumps out of bed even after sleeping for oly a few hours he is refreshed. He brushes his teeth, then puts on hair products and makes her shine and glow like every day. He winks at the mirror and goes for the chair where yesterday he layed out his outfit . Taking his backpack and eating his sandwich on the go , he awaits his bus which leads him to the school. In hopes of finding his girlfreind he goes to the gym.

“Hey there beautiful.” He says to her when he spots her. @ChayChay


Waking up freshly after a long sleep she goes to her closet and she picks her out fits for the day . She packed her nutritous lunch and her veggies. She took her waterbottle and her hairties. She brushed her teeth and dressed up in the first outfit after working out and taking a fast shower withouth the hair. Her father drives her to the school and by her instructions he pulls up far away so nobody can see her in her dad’s car. She goes to her locker and opens it.

ORP: Approachable - the halls.


Waking up in the morning with his earplugs wrapped around his neck that got this way since he was turning in his sleep, Oliver puts on Solomon Burke’s Cry to me and starts prepping up. He centers his curls so it looks less wild and he looks at himself in the mirror wondering if he’s as attractive when not looking into the mirror. After putting on his outfit when he hears the lyric “Loneliness Loneliness , such a waste of time.” and scoffs knowing it’s not that way for him. He took the sandwich his mom left for him and he spiced it up by putting chips in it. He put it in a paper bag and he saw a note by mom saying “Couldn’t find any money for your lunch since i have money on my credit card, enjoy this sandwich - Love Mom.” . He crubmled the piece and left towards the bus station. Walking into the parking lot he saw Chloe and tried to avoid her but he managed to bump into her.


ORP: @Kate_Potter is his BFF gonna pick him up usually or will he go to the bus daily?



I was practicing my spikes. I was throwing the ball up setting it for self the spiking it. I was concentrating so hard that I didn’t even hear anyone else come in. Then I heard the voice. I couldn’t help but to smile. I knew who it was I stopped doing voellyball for a minute.
“Yes sweetheart?”
I blush a little.




“Nothing.” He says cupping her face and getting closer to her. “I just wanted a perfect snogg for the perfect first day.” He smiles then he kisses her nose. He slowly puls her in and drops one of his arms down to her waist. His eyes gazing into her eyes before he closed his eyes and pucked his lips. He could smell the perfume on her neck and he enjos it with every kiss. He finally pulls in for a kiss hopin for her to accept it. Hopefully she won’t turn her head to one side allowing him only a kiss on the cheek.




Chloë scrolled through her instagram mindlessly liking posts. Out of nowhere, she felt someone bump into her. The force of the person and the fact that she wasn’t paying attention caused her to drop her phone on the concrete. Scrambling to get her phone and seeing if its cracked, Chloë yelled, “Watch where you’re going!” She turned to look at the person not recognizing him at all. The sun was in her eyes but he didn’t look like a fellow senior. “Fucking moron,” Chloë said, standing up and gripping her phone tightly.




“Sorry Chloe.” He says before walking towards the school. He thought to himself “God I hate her. Why is he so mean to everybody? Is it a rule that popular girls must be mean?”




Chloë yelled at him as he walked away, how dare he. “Well I don’t forgive you !” she said before turning back and sitting in her car. She placed her sunglasses in her sunglass compartment and pulled out her phone. She texted Hayley ( @epi.alyssaa ), asking her if she needed a ride, Chloë took a selfie and uploaded it to Instagram, instantly watching it get hundreds of likes and comments. She wiped her phone on her shirt and continued to scroll.


Alicia Stone
I wake up and bang my alarm clock and lie back to sleep again but then realize it’s first day of school. I stand up and now my eyes were wide and alert. I run to the bathroom, and take a shower- go to Mymensingh closet room, then pick an outfit for thirty minutes and wear it. I need to make a good first impression Then I tie my hair into a fishtail braid. Today’s concept is ocean girl I think, and smile.
I run down the stairs with my cute bag and go and take a bit of an apple.
“David! I need a ride to school!” I say to my driver and when the car comes, I hop in and look at the mirror, practicing smiling while I go to school.

When I arrive, I walk out. Taking a deep breath.

ORP Approachable




Hailey Williams
“It looks great on you, you can never fail fashion if it were a class, Hails.” Bailey told her. She quickly picked up her backpack, walking over to the door. "Listen, Bailey, only my friends call me Hails, you’re family, not a friend."She said, sighing.

She heard a buzz from her phone, quickly realizing it was Chloe. She read her text, happy that she was asking her for a ride. She texted her a blunt yes. "I’m riding to school with Chloe, Bailey, I’ll see you later."She said, quickly rushing out the door.

@allyy20 @taliaa





She took a step out the door and glanced outside, taking in the fresh air and stood coolie before making her way to the bus stop. She panted and breathed heavily as her feet pattered on the ground behind her. She would not miss this bus.

Mia hauled her bag over her shoulders, she extended her hand it pulling her oxygen tank over the small bump outside the entrance of the school. She breathed in a couple of times before making her way to her own locker. It seemed like a safe place, she just hoped Adara wouldn’t show up. How nosy could a person be? She leaned against her locker and pondered. Maybe Shana would talk to her?


_ORP: I’m a musician but I am not on the list?



Chloë smiled as she saw that Hailey did in fact need a ride. "Now I can actually do something besides sit in this fucking parking lot " she thought, grabbing her sunglasses and starting the engine of her car. As she pulled out of the school parking lot, Chloë turned on the radio. Driving to Hailey’s house, she sung along to the radio, her hair flowing behind her in the wind. She saw Hailey waiting at her doorstep as Chloë pulled into her driveway. “Hey Hails !” she yelled, waving.




She picked up her cellphone and poked buttons forming Shana’s number, she lets it ring for a while, before popping a wad of strawberry gum into her mouth. She chewed slowly letting it melt into a giant goo. Suddenly it stopped ringing. She smiled and quickly responded.

“Shana where you at?”


ORP: my personality and backstory. It is there but it is put under the name Riley Adams…



Her pocket vibrating made Shana sigh becuase that means she didn’t forget to turn the sound off. She took her phone to see Mia texting her and she couldn’t help but smile. All she needs today is her BFF to talk to her. Hanging out with Mia is the highlight of her day.

“Locker.” She answered with a single word, but that was more than enough. “You?” And she managed to ask her about her location with a single word aswell. She stares at the phone for a while knowing Mia would answer all her texts right away … Or at least she’s hoping she will.



“Entrance, I’ll meet you at your locker. Stay still and don’t move an inch” Mia blew a big bubble before letting the gum fall into the bin, she picked her oxygen tank by its wheels and hurtled along the school floors looking for Shana.

She finally saw Shana’s big curls and moved into her view. Mia waved openly and smiled " Hey Shannnaaaa." She stretched the last bit out and leaned against the locker next to her.




I was happy to see how fast she responded . After reading the text I glanced over at the door to see the exact way she would enter. But the doors were too far away for me to see her. I took all the books I needed for the next period. God I hope nobody will make us learn on the very first day. I drift away and I don’t even see Mia approach me. I snap back to reality and I almost drop my books.

“Hey Mia. So what’s your next period?”