What about a first chapter makes you want to continue reading?



Hey guys, so I know I’ve already created a very similar thread to this (and I appreciate everyone who gave me great advice) but I was just wondering: when you read the first chapter of a story, what are some things that cause you to keep reading on, and what are some things that will immediately make you click away?

I’m asking this because I personally don’t know what it is about a first chapter that intrigues me or doesn’t, so I was wondering if someone else could put it into words better than I can. Thanks! :slight_smile:


CLIFFHANGERS! they make me want to continue so much :heart_eyes:


Definitely not "the I woke up to the smell of sizzling bacon ".


Don’t have the characters fall in love within the first five seconds if you’re doing a romance. I agree with the cliffhangers post, that always makes a person want to keep reading. But the part that I hate most is bad grammar. If there aren’t any periods at the end of sentences, commas in the middle, or just bad spelling, I click out immediately.


Haha thanks! :joy:


Oh yeah, I’m very on board with the grammar thing. It bugs the crap out of me! And I’ll be sure to avoid rushed love stories, because that annoys me too. Thanks!! :))


Glad to know I’m not the only one. Yw!


I agree with the grammar thing, it annoys me a lot because it isn’t the most difficult thing to do. I also agree with cliffhangers thing and if it’s an interesting, original story. Meaning I like when it makes me want to continue reading, just to see what happens. Newer/interesting or original ideas that I haven’t seen much/before really intrigue me because stories that are always the same can become very boring. It’s kind of hard to put into words, but when you know a story is good , you just know I guess (if that makes sense). :joy:


Thank you!! I also am definitely drawn to the more interesting stories that have new ideas. I’ll be sure to take your advice.


Another thing is when a character breaks up with the mc in the first episode. Let the reader feel like they actually had a relationship with the character, so keep them together for two or three episodes. I didn’t like how one of the first lines in Juvy was the boyfriend breaking up with the mc. I didn’t feel bad for the mc because I didn’t feel like I “knew” the boyfriend.


I think I want to continue reading if I feel a connection with the MC so like either I identify with them or I like their character so I want the story to go well for them - so yeah, a relatable MC.
Also, nothing too heavy. This probably depends on the story but for a romance when there’s a breakup, a negligent parent and the MC’s sob story all before I actually care about the MC, it’s not enjoyable to read and I don’t want to read something that’s depressing from the start.


Cliffhangers will make me continue.

Also, if I feel like I got a decent amount of story line. Not too fond of “here’s character customisation and here’s the scene and the story starts in ep 2”. I need to actually get a sense of the plot from episode one.


Thanks! I agree :))


A major problem with many stories is that the author thinks the reader will care about the characters in the story right away, which isn’t true. You have to give exciting backgrounds or suspense or some other element to make the readers actually care about what’s going on. By putting in scenes that show the character’s unique personality or giving them a glimpse of some internal struggle it really helps to deliver that.


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