What about a new story type?


So now episode is full of story about gangs love, teachers love, bad boy love, bad girl love, tangled love, forced marriage…and even more.

Nothing is new, nothing is different

What about we start to do different stories, the world is full of stories and we can write about them in our own words.


Have you got any ideas?


Im sure that there are original stories as well. Seek and you shall find :wink:


Yep but I’m working in a story…so I can’t write them


Like @Chida said, there are a lot of different story types, they are just harder to find because they arent often featured. I have discovered a few horror and Scifi i really like. I can post a list when I’m on the computer next - and if i can ever get the app to work on my phone again lol.


Yeah horror story are completely different :joy::joy:I’m talking about stories in drama/romance


What about work romances - at least two consenting adults deal with their relationship in a high-stress world? I don’t think I read much those?


I really enjoy stories in those kinds of environments. I’m gonna be 30 next year, so I can’t relate to high school drama anymore😂


I DO have stories in the notes that I lost which I don’t think we’re too cliche. But, I’m working on the new contest right now so…


There can always be a revamp to the current story types. I’ve always wished romance stories would involve more development instead of following the cliché ‘girl meets guy, guy is rude, girl falls for guy, the end.’ I’m a sucker for plot twist so I wouldn’t mind any current romance stories to derail and maybe give me something to look forward to.


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