What about the VHS effect!

Do you know how to make the VHS effect that some stories use?

Do you mean filters?

that video doesn’t have any example of VHS effectt! Butt thankk uuu <3

Decipher what you mean, maybe I can help (what is VHS eff) :innocent:

This is what I mean by the VHS effect! I have seen it in some stories and I was wondering how I can do that :slight_smile:

Oooh, Now I understood.
All I can offer you about this is to add your own overlay or gif in png format on your story and add on the entire screen.

Also try some effects, let’s say “Sepia” or “Sickly”, just don’t forget to reduce the percentage of the effect (it’s easy to detect), maybe this will bring you closer to the result you need. Play with the percentages.

Also try searching for overlays from Episode. There is a cool effect “EFFECT DIM 60” do not forget about the % display of this overlay

If you are too lazy to look for someone who will give you the effect you want in png format, I advise pinterest or avatan. :innocent:

thankkk uuu soo muchh <33

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