What age should I advise for the viewing of a mature themes scene

Here is the scene. There are discussions of consent…I have given the option to skip the scene but I don’t know what age I should advise is too young for viewing.


@transition fade in black
@zoom reset
@MARIANA spot 1.689 182 -86 in zone 1
@MARIANA moves to layer 2 AND MARIANA is kiss_passionate_loop
@LUCA spot 1.904 75 -174 in zone 1
@LUCA moves to layer 3 AND LUCA starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear
@overlay 6104048248619008_TOP BLANKET 1 shifts to -28 -97 in zone 1 in 0
@overlay 6104048248619008_TOP BLANKET 1 scales to 0.927 0.927
@overlay 6104048248619008_TOP BLANKET 1 moves to layer 5
@overlay PILLOW 1 create
@overlay PILLOW 1 opacity 100% in 0
@overlay 6104048248619008_PILLOW 1 shifts to -71 414 in zone 1 in 0
@overlay 6104048248619008_PILLOW 1 scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 6104048248619008_PILLOW 1 moves to layer 1
@overlay PILLOW 2 create
@overlay PILLOW 2 opacity 100% in 0
@overlay 6104048248619008_PILLOW 2 shifts to 131 414 in zone 1 in 0
@overlay 6104048248619008_PILLOW 2 scales to 1.000 1.000
@overlay 6104048248619008_PILLOW 2 moves to layer 0
@speechbubble is 168 319 to 100%

    MARIANA (talk_deny_neutral)
Wait Luca stop!

    LUCA (talk_shrug_concerned)
Are you ok?

    MARIANA (talk_awkward_loop)
Yes sorry

    LUCA (talk_excited_happy)
Hey, don't apologise it's ok

    MARIANA (talk_awkward_loop)
I've uhm
I've never done this before

    LUCA (talk_awkward_loop)
Oh sh*t sorry

    MARIANA (talk_shrug_neutral)
It's fine

    LUCA (talk_agree_happy)
I don't wanna push you into anything Ana
If you're not ready it's fine

@MARIANA starts blush_shy

    MARIANA (talk_shrug_neutral)
I am
I'm 18 I've been ready for while

    MARIANA (talk_shrug_concerned)
But you promise you're not selling me out to your boss

    LUCA (talk_flirt_smile_lookdown)
I promise you Ana

@MARIANA starts kiss_passionate_loop
@LUCA starts holdwaist_give_idle_rear

Are you sure?

    MARIANA (listen_nod_happy_loop)
Yes more than sure 

You can change your mind at any point and I'll stop

    MARIANA (listen_nod_happy_loop)
I know

@LUCA starts kiss_passionate_loop_rear
@MARIANA starts kiss_passionate_loop

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I believe consent should be a topic spoken about to all ages. But based upon what the characters were doing, I’d set the age at 18.


If there’s more to it than that then i would say 18 but if that’s the end of the scene then about 16 in my opinion

nope, theres nothing more than that it just fades out and goes to the next morning x

thank you! what bit would you say make its 18? Should I take out the kissing part?

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I just think that any sort of content that suggests sexual intimacy should be placed at 18+. Thats usually how most producers rate their movies and why some industries are only for 18+. Only people who are 18 or older can consent to such acts, so content regarding that should be limited to that group. Like, you can teach about constant without being sexual, but this scene is both teaching about consent and being sexual. So as stated previously, I feel it should be limited to the group of people who can consent to such acts.

ok thanks so much! I’ll set the age restriction to 18+, in the choice to skip said they can choose to read the mature scene, however I will not be held responsible for any of their actions and I strongly advise they be 18 to read the scene, this ok?

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Yea that should work! I mean you can’t stop anyone but you can at least give a recommendation haha ◡̈

lolz tysm for your help ! :smiley:

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the app is +13 so you CANT have scenes for only +18 even if you will state its for +18 only. EVERY scene must be +13


But episode have added these animations…does that mean I should change the rating to 13+?

Did you read the content guidelines? Every scene you write has to be PG-13. So no, you can’t write scenes that is meant for +17/+18.

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sorry didn’t realise, no I haven’t I’m fairly new to episode, I’ve only started writing seriously since coronavirus. I’ve never had these issues with stories before, scenes where people have kissed episode have been rejected. The only thing I didn’t know is whether issues of consent would pas the guidlines or not. In this scene no one is undressed, they only kiss so I didn’t feel if this would go over the guidlines.

It’s alright. :slight_smile:
When they’re only kissing and dressed then it’s fine.


you are not the one to set the rating. you need to read the guidelines - this app id for +13 readers so every part of the story has to be +13 - the guidelines explain more in detail what is and what is not allowed in episode stories…so instead of thinking about rating just read the guidelines and write in accordance with it.

You can have make-out scenes with clothes.
You cant he explicit sexual intercourse or dialogue

If you are in +13 but thill wants to add an option to skip some scenes that is totally OK and is more up to you than a must. Usually, its offered for scenes that might be triggering for some readers.


perfect thank you! I think I need to get familiar with these guidlines…! Yes there’s no actual intercourse shown, they just kiss, the only thing i’m worried about is the issue of consent. The guy asks my MC if she is ok with everything first etc. idk what age kids learn about this so I didn’t know if it had to be age restricted.

basicly you cant have explicit sex and explicit violence like detailed torture or overlays with part of dead bodies, no hate speach agains race. No guns on story covers… well read it :

more here:


tysm! x

In reality, most teenagers know about this kind of stuff and it is not crazily inappropriate. It is also good that it shows consent is important, although I would say that if it involves sexual intimacy then you have to say it’s 18+. I know everyone has said it should be 18+, but I did want to point out that most teenagers that read this, it would not be a big deal.

it doesnt matter if teens know it. What matters is that the app is +13 and everybody has to write in accordance with the guidelines no matter if he likes them or not. If -an author will break guidelines and add stuff wich is really only +18 rated his storry will be banned.