What all should go into planning a new story?

I want to be able to write a story all by myself!
How should I start planning?

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You could start planning by thinking about what the story is about.

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Think about who your characters are and what they are like.

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And something that you really shouldn’t do is make your MC perfect. No flaws. Just a perfect person who everyone either likes or dislikes, and that makes the reader resonate with that character all the less. No one is perfect, and the more human you make your MC the more the reader resonates with them and the more they feel for them.

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  • Knowing what your story is about is a good way to get started.
  • As you’re writing fill in the ‘What’s, why’s and how’s’. Ex. How does your character escape the orphanage? Why does her husband divorce her and then come back 5 years later? What is going to be your next move now that the MC has been abducted?
  • Plan an ending. I know it may be too soon for that, but a lot of times writers publish a story without an ending planned and the story ends up being discontinued because they don’t know where to go from there. If you can plan an ending, it’s a lot easier to create a path towards that ending.
  • Create your characters and know they’re personalities. Don’t make a shy character whose rude and outspoken or vice versa. Most people aren’t like that.
  • Try planning out the events (especially the big ones) Episode by Episode. A lot of people can plan a story just by knowing the plot, others might not be able to and need structure.
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I used this


I read through that…SO HELPFUL!!!

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I am totally using that!

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Can someone help me gather ideas for the first part of the planner? I know what I want to make a story about, but not how to plan it.

Here’s a tip that one of my favorite authors taught me. Assign each of your characters to a role. Think about the reason why they are in the story in the first place. Is their job to introduce the reader to a more important character? Is it to be a source of conflict? Be a confident? To test a character’s beliefs?

By knowing what a character will contribute to a story, it makes it that much easier to write and most likely finish.

Good luck with your story.

OMG This is very helpful. Thanks for sharing!

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