WHAT AM I DOING WRONG 😫😭 (Choice question)

What am i doing wrong???

That’s weird. I don’t see anything wrong. Can you copy and paste that choice here so I can test it out?

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sure ofc!!

    JESS (talk_gossip_atcamera)
Do you like my dress?

“Love it bish you be lookin’ smokin’!” {​

    JESS (react_pumpfist_happy)
Thank you that means so much!

} “You could do better babes” {

    JESS (talk_neutral_atcamera_loop)
Oh well, thanks for being honest

Not sure what exactly the error was but there was some invisible space on the end of this line LOL.

So delete that entire line and copy and paste the below into your script:

“Love it bish you be lookin’ smokin’!” {

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Thank you!!!

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You got it working?

If so, that’s great. :blush:

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I do not know if you are still having this issue or not, but for you or others to know; You are supposed to put the first choice on the same line as the choice, like this:

     Choice "-insert text here-"{

}"-insert text here-"{

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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You’re correct when you say that is a way to write it out, but both work perfectly fine. The way they did it is perfectly acceptable. I personally writey “choice” and options on separate lines for better organization. So that is not what caused the error.

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You can write it on the same line or on a separate line. Both work. There is no right or wrong with this. Just like with the end bracket and the next choice option, it can be on the same line or on the next line.

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