What am i doing wrong here? Don't understand it



thank you


You just didn’t give DR RENAULD 's his dialogue :thinking:


I think you have them all on line 1318


Also make sure that the word choice it’s just under the dialogue, you can’t have space there.


under the dialog???




There’s a space there in your script


i opended the script in a new page, it gives the same errror, and there is not a narrator.

    WAITHER (talk_excited)
Have you made your choise Mister?

DR RENAUD (talk_awkward)
ANNEKE (talk_excited)
For me the GIANFRANCO GORGONZOLA thank you.

DR RENAUD (talk_excited)
ANNEKE (talk_excited)
For me the SMOKED NAPOLI thank you.

ANNEKE (talk_excited)
For me the PORTOBELLO & TRUFFLE thank you.



You still didn’t delete the space and you didn’t add a dialogue for the doctor in the first choice


Wait i see something…


Know it does not gives an error anymore but when you see the preview, it does not show up as choices, he directly answers.

I want the 3 pizza’s as a choice so the reader can decide which pizza.


You have a “)” I believe in the second choice.

“Smoked Napoli)”

Try removing that?


Everything works, didn’t i just sayd that. I have even shared the template for male and female shoosing food.
But thanks for helping me. xxx