What am I doing wrung?

@follow Tom to screen left in zone 3
What am I forgetting? It keeps saying it’s not a valid directing command.

“Tom” needs to be in all CAPS. Character names should always be in all caps in the script (except in dialogue.)

tom needs to be in all caps

@follow TOM to screen left in zone 3

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It is not my day with this lol

I was like I don’t get it I’ve used this before and it worked and now its not lol :joy:

Haha, it’s okay! If you have any more questions, check out my thread

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Thank you so much!

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No problemo!

@follow TOM to spot 0.840 53 164 in zone 3
Says the same thing. Because once he walked to his spot he was standing in midair so I had to move him and its saying something is wrung again.

you can’t do that with spots. Just say

&pan to zone 3
@TOM walks to spot 0.840 53 164 in zone 3

the camera may not be exactly on tom, but it should be alright

Ok thank you.

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@QUITEN enters form left to screen right
Its giving me the valid directing command.

never mind I see the R is not were it goes lol

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