What am i missing? Please help

Ok so while im writing for some reason the error keeps popping up and I dont know what could possibly be wrong

Capture 2
Could someone help my stupidity The problems with Levi

I tried deleting the extra to see if that was the problem but it kept saying error but the character below has the exact same spot code that they’re identical but it still says error

They’re supposed to bump into each other I feel like its a small mistake that’s doing this but I cant find it

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Try without the commend then and move LEVI is run_fall to the next line, or use @ instead of & and in order to make KARA’s actions happen in the same time use AND
Let me know if it worked.

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It didnt work and I had already tried replacing the & with the @

Do you think you can figure it out?

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Sorry, no. I’m not much of a coder. But I’m sure the other community members can help! :smiley:

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Okay maybe try AND instead of does it while, move then to the next line as well

Wait i figured it out by accident n im so triggered

So i was about to copy the part of the code that was wrong and it turns out the L in Levi is lower cased but it looks captial… :rage:

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hahaha, happens

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@rogueallmighty does this mean your problem has been solved? Please let me know, thanks! :+1:

Yes its been solved

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