What animation annoys you the most?

Hey, community!

So what is that one or couple of animations that annoy you, and why?
It just looks weird or is too common.

Mine definitely is take_object_neutral.
It’s too long, and practically everyone who uses it doesn’t wait til the character does the animation. So, the character starts the next animation while this one isn’t even finished.

If I want my character to take something I use return_object natural and pickup_object_natural.

Personally, there are some dancing animations I just avoid like hipthrust. They look too weird and not normal at all.

Comment down yours!


thanks for making this post so i can make sure i pick better animations. i dont have one that annoys me particularly myself but i will agree that a few animations are kind of slow

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idle_awkward_uneasy_loop, idle_awkward_scratch_loop, and talk_awkward_loop I hate with a PASSION.

I hate them because they make a main character look like a push-over in community stories, and in Official Episode Stories, try to make you feel like absolute shit if you didn’t want to buy an outfit choice worth 30 gems and now you have to wear rags. :roll_eyes:


I don’t think any animations annoy me, but there are definitely some that look really weird IMO.

  • idle_sit_leanback_confused_loop (I’ve never seen a character look normal with this animation. It always looks bad.) (Only ever works if used for a joke.)
  • faint (Isn’t necessarily bad or weird, but it’s too dramatic for when characters actually faint.)
  • dance_groove_happy_loop (Their necks always look weird with this one.)
  • play_tambourine_happy_loop (The weird neck strikes again!)
  • pet_kneel_happy_loop (Not as bad, but still has a weird neck.)
  • talk_baseballbat_scared (Even more weird neck!)
  • play_tambourine_happy_loop (Honestly, a large number of these make their necks look weird…)

A lot of my complaints with these are definitely nit-picky, especially about how the neck tends to look, but I can’t be the only one that finds these ones weird. O.o


It came to my mind because I was doing a shoutout and the MC was taking a coffee.
You know how the animation switches eyes like checking if no one is near? It just stopped there and went to the greeting animation. :sweat_smile:

Oh, yeah!
I won’t even start with official stories. :woman_facepalming:t3:
Sometimes I wonder how Episode can pay them if they just put the first animation that he/she remembers even if it’s completely not for the exact mood.
It make the MC worthless which she definitely isn’t. And we are playing as her.

Nope, you are not the only one.
Dancing groove is just something… Some dancing animations are just so bad. I could never dance like that in the real life.
Even if it’s a fiction, I don’t think characters should suffer doing things people don’t do in the real life.


The rear swaying one is so aggressive and goofy.
As for talking animations, I hate when talk_neutral is used for most dialogue, like please add some spice in there!


The dancing animations are weird, but I honestly don’t mind them for Episode. As much as I want to take the app seriously, I’ve come to know it for being incredibly goofy, especially since I became a user when INK was still huge in the community.




There’s just something about this one… it’s so goofy :sob:
Thankfully I don’t see it used often but when I do… it’s not good lol and usually the character is stuck on the last frame while another character is speaking so it looks even goofier


LMAO that animation kills me its giving like “wtf do you want” :sob: :sob: :sob:


I can’t even use it :joy:



The man was too stunned to speak



(I forgot the correct name of these animation)

Why these animation is no longer can be play in writer corner???.

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