What animation is this? I don’t know what category to describe it

What animation is this? I’ve been dying to find it

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exactley ive been trying to bind that animation

I can’t find it either. :joy:

End of shush?

It;s the end of the flirt_fingersnap animation

@amberose @QueenMilii @maddy_roleplayz @avanoelleinc


OH MY GOD :joy::joy:
I’m so stupid!

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okay thx

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No :joy:

Np :heart:

Thx. But how do I get one the end of that animation?


Pan the camera somewhere else until it’s done?

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Exactly what @QueenMilii said

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Ah that kinda sucks but will do. Thx

Hm not sure but maybe you can time the animation like a walk. (Don’t quote me, a thought I don’t know if possible.)

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Thanks. I tried different ways out and it works fine you just gotta be careful and precise!

Do this

Input scene

&CHARACTER is flirt_fingersnap

@transition fade in Colour