What animation is this?


Does anyone have any idea what animation this is? Because I can not find it but I have seen it in many stories. I believe it’s newer animation. It’s when a character sits on it’s knees. Thanks :slight_smile:


This one? It is also in non-talking.


I believe you’re looking for:

idle_sit_legs_up or talk_sit_legs_up

It is only for females in INK. :slight_smile:


Yessss! Thank you so much purply:)


Thank you :slight_smile:


No problem! :wink:


Excuse me. As you guys are on this topic, can you help me also please? I have been searching for the face palm animation but I have no idea what it’s called.


Maybe one of these?


Hey, I’ve been looking for the animation where they push away. It’s often used when someone doesn’t want to be kissed so they push away. Can anyone help ?


talk_neutral_deny ?



thank you x


Yes these! thank you so much!